Sunday, March 19, 2017

Kept you waiting, huh?

Well, I wonder how may people still follow this spot?  I'm so bad at this.  Sorry for the lack of updates here.  Almost an entire year without nothing.

Truth is, I had nothing noteworthy to post on since the release of Baxter's Venture on Steam, save for my love of gaming, which at my age of 36 is starting to wane.  

As for projects, there were way too many ideas that I had sitting around and started tackling them one by one, but sadly after weighing time and energy, and lack of resources those projects found themselves scrapped or placed on hiatus.

Hard part is accepting a small truth, that I'm just not THAT into game developing anymore.  I'm more of a cartoonist than a game artist, and while I did get to dabble in some programming and developing with Baxter stuff, I lost so much interest.  It really is a rough field for indies with no real solid backing.  Also, marketing is my weakest point.  I've paid a small media group for some exposure for one of my games, and I didn't see jack from them so that's a hundred bucks wasted.  I think all they did was one tweet... I don't recall, but that was just a waste and a bit of a scam if you ask me.  

The mobile market is now overrun by big corporate freemiums.  Flappy Bird only got popular because of Pewdiepie, and if you really want monetary success, develop for Apple... which requires you to own a Mac, an iPhone/Pad, and a yearly dev fee.  So that's about two grand easy.  Now, despite me having a full time job and all, debt is a bitch.  College debt and medical both.  I also live in Arizona, not a good state for high paying work unless you want to work 12 hour shifts as a nurse, and I'm not fond of the medical field.  Google, is just not that good for making a profit.  Near every google user, from research, wants their apps for free.  It's also pirated to hell and back.  If you can get ads on your game then great, but you have to keep updating your game every time there are changes.

Like if you develop games on Construct 2, and google changes something your game may not even run.  This is another hurdle I keep running into.  I loved working in C2, but good God I'm baffled with Scirra's decision making.  Building a game making software using browser tech... I, I thought I believed in that vision but it's so volatile and unpredictable you can't make something simple with it.  It might run on one person's machine, but another will have struggles.  I'm not so sure I could keep using it, tried learning Unity and GameMaker but C2 spoiled me so much it's tough to learn something new when there is no drive for it.  This is a hard pill to swallow after so much hype, but I think it's safe for me to say that my passion for game developing has dwindled.  It's not dead, but I can't force myself to create something I have no personal investment in.

Which brings me to my latest bit of news... so remember that horror game idea I kept tossing around and doing nothing with?  Well, I finally did something with it.  It's a book!

Yeah, even I didn't see this coming but eventually I thought "why the hell not?".  The biggest challenge was changing the story.  Originally, the game would run similar to the likes of Slenderman and Outlast, exploring a haunted high school with a couple creeps and ghost out to kill/scare you.  You solve a mystery on how the school came to be and confront the killer himself.  It's mostly stealth, jumpscares, and collecting pages of the killer's manifesto, which you need at least 40 pages to "complete" it.  There's lots of scary hallucinations, nightmares, and creepy imagery that I took advantage of in here.  Also, my dire hatred of growing up in Kingman, Az and some of it's people that made my life miserable at a time.  Never realized how that actually gave me so much to work with!

Right now it's finished, save for some revisions and lots of proofreading errors I've found.  So I'm doing my best to market the hell out of this book, via facebook, twitter, and instagram, and some other avenues until I get just enough buzz before publishing this on Amazon (and any other publishing venues if they're free).  A part of me really hopes this does much better than my indie game works.  The whole change from GG-Works to Glendemonium reflects this as I don't want to have just one thing I do, but a multitude of things.

Another avenue I'm pondering is podcasting, but what would I talk about?  Not sure how people think about opinion pages.  After all I'm just a guy on the internet, not really famous or have some kind of following.  Guess instead if thinking I should just do, right?

I'll dedicated another blog post later this week to Creeper High, and what drove the inspiration behind this chilling mystery! 

Stay tuned.

Monday, May 9, 2016

Webcomic barnstorming, I mean brainstorming!

So, lately... I've got the itch.  

An itch I haven't' felt in literally YEARS.  Been on a crazy drawing kick lately, perhaps my game time is dwindling down a bit or I've managed to find time but I've had some crazy funny ideas pop in my head and I've jotted every single one down.

Now what I'm torn on is, I've been into gaming for years.  Wanted to try my hand at a gaming centric comic.  As I got older however, my hobbies have expanded thanks to bored days on the internet.  At my age, gaming webcomics just don't do it for me anymore... I want a little more story, a little bit pop culture here, little bit slice of life tomfoolery there.  I want to poke fun at all the negative shit that plagued me for years living in Dumpwater (not it's real name), Arizona.  Poking fun at the hypocritical Christians, and racists, and people-so-full-of-themselves.  Poking fun at both sides of the political spectrum of unreasonable supporters.  I still want to do stuff related to videogaming, but it's not going to be the main focus... just a decent chunk of it is.  I want to make fun of all the crazy stuff I've seen on the internet and social media because I've missed out on some juicy stuff these past few years.

Okay, so that sounded alot like South Park, but hear me out.

Thing is, doing both is the difficult part.  My limited time right now won't allow me to do both styles, so I'm trying my damndest to do BOTH without taking away much.  Some people like one page jokes and gags and DESPISE story arcs, while some readers are the opposite.

When I was in the CCA, it was easy to release a full comic that pretty much got the job done and in a few months, I'd release another one.  When I did Beatrush Plus, and I'm admitting this:  I let the damn thing drag to the point where I lost interest.  I did Beatrush Plus to somehow try to differentiate myself from "That Guy Who Does Tifa Comics" but it failed.  Fans didn't want non-Tifa comics, and I didn't want to do crossover comics anymore.  Overtime I got stuck finishing college and wanted to get into making games professionally.  So my comic making days were over.

Which didn't exactly pan out, save for a couple indie games.

Over the past few months, I've been reading comics and trying to rekindle some long lost love for drawing.  I think since the end of highschool began what I call the "demoralizing and discouragement" of my passion for art.

Story goes as thus,

I was that tubby high schooler that watched way too many adult cartoons and played too many videogames.  Simpsons, Ren and Stimpy, Critic, DBZ (Ocean Dub), and needless to say... while it was fun.  Did these chicken scratch comics with a cat character and his friends, and some oddball spinoffs.  Drawing was probably early Beavis and Butthead Tier.  Did it from my sophomore year to senior, made some great friends doing it and people got a kick out of it.  

Then hormones took over... ooooh boy.  I was dumb enough to try and impress one I thought liked me but even she started shunning my comics.  Then, people who used to read them shunned them... and over time before graduation people actually made fun of my newfound passion.  Most of my followers were either graduated or dropped out, and It was back to the lone nerd status quo.

So... the dream died until my early 20s.  I did these dumb gaming themed crossover comics which I trashed because they were done in colored pencil on lined paper.... yeah... don't ask.  Started doing chariactures at work which got lots of attention.  Then the internet was fairly early so I started webcomics with Person Man... and ill fated work of trying to make it into print media, which was tough as balls to get in unless you were a somebody.  My boss at the time had these grand schemes of wanting to be a big shot... but here's the thing.  He wanted to be the "writer" and I'd be the one doing all the work.  I seem to attract these guys.  
I knew that guy was a slouch, but didn't have the spine to tell it to his face.  People would promise me that they'd help me get successful with my art, remember what I said earlier about people full of themselves?  Bigshotter in a small town attitude.  

I did run into the Crossover Comic Archive about a year or so later, because I really liked the ease of doing photoedited comics.  I'd use my handdrawn works for it eventually... but OH GOD I never realized how horrid my scanned colored pencil/markered arts looked.  But It gave me a boatload of popularity for years... or maybe because I was dumb and tried to rant about why Tifa and Cloud weren't meant to be or some dumb shit, ugh... I hate 23 year old me.

The fun ended when I tried dating...

Did you know that most potential mates think a cartoonist is a loser's profession?  I sure as hell didn't.  I thought that was a thing Jon Arbuckle has to deal with, but nope.  Dumpwater was such a small town, if you weren't white, mega educated, already making 40k in some glorified desk job profession, Christian (the fake kind) and came from a nice family your dating prospects were pretty much nil.  Something about my generation became hella stuck up compared to the millennials.  Say what you want about them, at least they're way more fun to talk to than your average rat racer.

I mean if you had standards that is.  Next thing I knew work became High School 2.0 for me.  Another subject I'm going to ENJOY poking fun of because how most of those people turned out today. (HAHAHAH, ehem.)

Now that I look at it, between this, my crummy home life, and school time for making comics pretty much died.  I thought Beatrush Plus would get me some kind of popularity but man... even if it was an original idea the execution was baaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaad.  Too many JRPGs influenced character designs.

Then came the crushing defeat, towards the end of my jaunt at the Art Institute, one class had us contact... yes, contact, various artists to be mentors.  It was vague as hell and the facilitators had no fucking clue how we were supposed to do it so I went ahead and emailed a guy.

Biggest mistake ever.  

Maybe he thought he was being helpful, but the cruel kind of helpful.  I recall working really really hard on a life drawing twice.  He wanted me to keep repeating it until it looks exactly like the photo... he also started asking me some wayward questions.  Came off as a bit pretentious, then again who was I to talk as I was the same way.  

After that, my interest in drawing has died.  Until now.

Okay story over, so the dilemma is that I can't decide if I want to do one page jokes, stories, or both... I have funny ideas for stories.  Maybe do some one shots, and do a story arc and interrupt it with one shot gags here and there.

Meh, I'll figure it out.  But first... daddy needs a new drawing tablet!

Take care and thanks for listening to this man's rant, you earned a cookie.

Saturday, April 9, 2016

E3 Predictions 2016

*blows dust off*

Wow, I neglected this again.  

Okay, straight to the point.  Each year I like to predict the outcome of E3.  Pointless, yes!  But it's a fun little game for me so deal with it.  I'm being lazy so here is a copy/paste of what I posted in no particular order:

This will serve as a bingo card for me to see how many of these I get wrong... ahem.  Other than that, I'm feeling unusually optimistic.  Perhaps the old Nintendo fanboy in me is trying to break out of my head, I have to remind myself how I've felt about the WiiU and how my hype has deflated.

As many of you might know, the WiiU has been officially discontinued production later this year: 

That's four years folks, since it's debut in 2012... late 2012 mind you.  The console had potential for something great, started out with stronger third party support (though it was ports of then current gen games) it fizzled out within months, watching every AAA dev jump ship one by one.  The biggest issue being that it's woefully under powered compared to the One and PS4, even though first party titles RUN AT 1080p AND BACKWARDS COMPATIBLE FROM THE START WITH Wii GAMES wasn't enough to convince the now millennial mainstream gamers to hop on.  While I think 12 million units sold worldwide isn't BAD, compared to the 100mill of the Wii it's was hard to justify that the console has issues.  It's online infrastructure, while better than the Wii was a bit behind the times compared to its competitors... though you can stream Youtube and Hulu... just no voice chat... but considering the current online ecosystem of gamers, it can get uncomfortable to say the least.

I'd say, make it optional like Destiny.  The game functions GREAT without it.  Who wants to hear a bunch of try hards scream at you for screwing up, honestly the Crucible was probably the most fun I've had in mulitplayer.

Nintendo had a rough year in 2015, with the loss of Iwata and shareholders demanding a shift in focus at least the 3Ds was able to sustain them.  Japanese game companies are almost abandoning home consoles in favor of smartphone and pachinko.  Once former gaming giants Capcom and Konami are pretty much embracing this.  Miraculously however SNK has come back from the dead with one more console release.  Perhaps they realize smartphone money isn't all it's cracked up to be?  Rovio knows for sure.

They were also full of surprises, and really going so far to please fans in the form of Smash bros.  I mean, who would of thought Cloud freaking Strife of all people would show up in a Nintendo game.  I mean, we were satisfied with Snake, Mega man, Pacman, and Sonic as part of the fray... we also got Bayonetta and Street Fighter's Ryu.  Link is also playable in Mario Kart 8.

Square has shown much interest in the NX, they're even considering porting the newest Dragon Quest and FFXIV over if it proves it can handle it... here's hoping.  I sure hope they know what they're doing this time around.  You got me to play Wind Waker, a game I've ignorantly shunned back in it's original debut but now I enjoyed every moment of it.


As for Sony and Microsoft, I get the feeling VR will be the centerpiece of both conferences.  Especially Microsoft.  While MS has gotten better at showcasing games, they just can't resist showing off new theoretical technology that most of us probably can't afford.  I've sort of checked out of Microsoft camp since getting the PS4 so there won't be much holding my interest sorry to say.

Sony will have more to show, mostly games from other companies with their biggest reveal being God of War 4 thanks to the leak.  I'd kill for a new Infamous, and I'm sure Uncharted 4 will be awesome, most gamers seem to be salivating for Dark Souls 3... guess I never got into it but I'll have to rent it or something to see what the hype is about.  

Square will show off even MORE trailers for FF7 remake, which has fans cautiously optimistic since it will draw influence from FFXIII... let that sink in.  FFXV will have more things to show off, and another trailer for KH3 which still won't have a release date because Nomura hates us so... or it'll have a Star Wars segment which will PISS off the fanboys, and I'll be laughing heartily at all of it.

Oh, one more thing...

How awesome would this be?  Konami isn't going to make a MGS game for a long time, and you might be able to work something out with Konami.  You could make a lot of money if this came to pass.  Metal Gear fans will love you.

Until next time!

Saturday, November 14, 2015

Update (aka excuses aplenty)

So yeah, three months without so much as a peep save for my twitter.  Now, this isn't indie game related, so if you came to see what I'm doing game wise you'll be disappointed.  This is more of a personal bit here that I don't mind sharing with people.

Been very occupied with other things, trying new ideas and learning new things while being very occupied with my day job, mainly going down my long list of self improvement.  Finishing a videogame was one of them, though while it's not doing as well as I would have hoped, sometimes it takes time to get noticed.  Don't get me wrong, I WANT to do more.  However, I do want to take a small break from game making to pursue other interests.

Did a thing for Dodge-Fu, which I still have a prototype but I'm considering making it a free facebookish browser game that I might be able to sell if it gets popular enough.  As a matter of fact, that will probably be my next venture... see if I can make something and sell it to a bigger company.

I'm thankful I saw Baxter's Venture to the end since most projects I tend to quit when losing interest or get heavily discouraged... because that's a thing that's been hindering any form of success for as long as I can remember.  It prompted me to start on other things on myself that are long over due.

Current self-improvement project:  Me losing weight and getting in shape.

Now, while I'm not morbidly obese, I am fat.  Well, not as much NOW as I have dropped a good 20 pounds since mid September.  Thought I lost that much in a week, turns out it was a broken scale.  I was getting heavy over the summer, eating what I wanted and not caring because of finally being free and independent since 2013.  Went up to 255lb which is pretty bad for a 5' 10" guy.  Might of been higher, so mid September I started ditching processed foods, sugars, and breads and started eating more veggies, whole grains, fruits, and lean meats.  Went back to 2% milk, swiss cheese, and greek yogurt for my dairy fix.  Green tea instead of coffee because I always had to have those fattening creams and sugars in my coffee.

While it's a "no-shit-Sherlock" thing to do, it's something I should of done a long time ago.  Been a large man my whole life, growing up poor or having overweight people around you it's difficult to eat healthy when all they want is bad food, so it becomes a habit, especially since I was the one having to do all the grocery shopping for three people.  As of now however I currently weigh 235 and packing on muscle at the same time, so the number is dropping slow, but steady.  I actually look almost thin, with bits of fat poking out so it's only a matter of months before I look healthy.

For example, I have large shirts that I couldn't wear.  XL would barely hide my gut... now my Large shirts are getting looser by the week, XLs look way too big on me now.  For giggles, I wore a medium shirt... fit's pretty well, though its snug around my biceps and chest.

I work out six days a week since the beginning of October.  30mins of weights for three days, 30mins of cardio/HIIT for three days alternating between the two and I'm already seeing results as now the middle of November. (Thanks Body Project!!)  Hoping by the end of this year, I'll be down to the 220s and looking lean and muscular, and I'll continue to go further until I see my abs.  It's becoming a bit of an addiction.

Been buying weights for home use, since a gym would take up too much of my time... though I'm reconsidering it.

Next self-improvement project:  Getting back out there in the public!

This one is a bit loaded.  The whole point of losing the weight and getting in shape is to boost my confidence level over 9000 points.  (old meme, don't care, sue me)  The confidence I need to make new friends and relationships, and new career opportunities.  End game is moving out of this small Arizona town for good.

I'm 35, put myself in a rut going to college at 23 and getting a degree I can't use anymore and in debt that makes it difficult to save.  Naturally, I bought this on myself because last decade the internet wasn't that big and no where near enough information to prevent me from making the decision to enroll in the Art Institute.  It's not even a career path I really want to pursue anymore.  Not even sure if I can attend a grad school of my choice now... but that's okay.  Mistakes have been made, need to move on.

I've been considering doing Youtube for fun... been saying it for months but there seems to be a crippling doubt on doing it due to my age.  I mean, who wants to watch a 35 year old nobody play/talk about videogames?  Maybe pursue voice acting?  Vblog about nothing but random topical humor and geek culture?  Honestly I have to consider my age and audience and expand beyond videogames while making videogaming be part of it.  To be blunt, my interest in gaming has waned due to lack of time and enthusiasm but I still love playing them, but I can do so much more now that my interests have widened.

Examples (current):  Cooking, learning studies, topical interests,
Examples (to come): Learning new languages (fumbling), video editing

The angle is similar to Seinfeld, talk about nothing but it's something people could be entertained or even learn a bit.

My equipment isn't very good, but I'll have to make due with what I have... if I can get a good camera, I'll be set.

Next, NEXT self-improvement project:  Getting back into drawing.

My neglected talent... traded it to learn how to make videogames, it became stagnant so I have to retrain myself.  I want to take another stab at creating a comic series, but this time instead of in color I want to see if black and white will do.  Don't have many details, but I've been inspired by the Boondocks, Venture Bros, and Modern Archie to make something cool and fun.

I've let rejections from publications and other artists discourage me from this goal, which I need to go back and improve and try harder.  Flaked out on collabs due to lack of interest which I'm not proud of.  Found out I actually still like drawing cartoons, and perhaps it's something I should of never gave up on.

I've set some goals, now I just need to reach them.  Wish me luck!

Thank you for reading.

Saturday, August 8, 2015

Playstation fans need to chill.

Before I continue

"casts Flameshield"

Now then.  E3 has come and went over a month ago.  Gamescom just finished if I recall.  There was quite the presentation for upcoming Xbox One games, namely Scalebound, Quantum Break, and Crackdown 3.

Crackdown 3 was shown as a demo utilizing the cloud structure, once used as a laugh among gaming fans as one of many bad presses for Microsoft since the Xbox One's launch.  Now has shown an amazing level of detail in multiplayer destruction using the cloud's ability to store data online and allows for high levels of rendering detail.

In short, particles actually break into individual pieces without slowing the system down... and this was pre-alpha footage.  The amount of detailed destruction was far beyond what few games have produced, mainly Red Faction Guerrilla that's being touted around alot.

Shortly after, message boards exploded with the same console fanboys going at each others throats over how this may or may not give Xbox One that much needed edge over the PS4.  Though from my perspective it seems more of the PS4 fans saying "W-well, so fucking what, it's no big deal, it's still a shitty console because it's Microsoft!"  or "That's nothing, Sony makes bank with PS4 so it's not like they can't do it too!" With chosen posters posting what they call "facts and math" to assure the WORLD that the PS4's dominance can not be challenged ever, like unwitting peasants ensuring the masses the one true console king will forever stay on its throne uncontested because heresy.  It's like when something good happens to anything Xbox, the Playstation Defense Force will swoop down to remind us of it's mediocrity and we should feel bad for picking the less-than-stellar console, y'know because Microsoft.

And we thought PC snobs were bad.

It used to be the running gag among gamers that Micorsoft is this eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeevil greedy corporation that's out to ruin gaming.  Some morons try to make the same argument for Sony's Playstation back in the 90s.  Last gen the 360 practically dominated western, I SAID WESTERN KNEE-JERK REACTIONISTS, market while PS3 eventually managed to get a leg up in Europe and obviously Japan because, well Japan.  Now, PS4 is dominating the home console market by a very large margin while Xbox is in a distant second. 

Playstation fans love to remind anyone who likes the Xbox One that it's a second place console, similar to PC Master Racers reminding console gamers we wasted 400 dollars on a black box that can't run 4k.  

They hate on Xbox One:

  • because it can't do 1080p third party.  
  • because it used to be the more expensive console, 
  • because it can't get very many Japanese third parties to support it
  • because Microsoft is an evil greedy corporation that wants to spy on us
  • because Microsoft
  • because of the parity clause, because of Call of Du... Oh, that went Playstation focused?  Nevermind!
My point is the one good thing that's actually very impressive for the technology involved that isn't from the "chosen console" is shunned upon because Xbox One owners were happy with something that the Playstation doesn't have.  I haven't seen ONE Xbox One owner starting a flame war with the Playstation campground... no, it's the other way around, they starting coming to threads and just pouring salt(metaphor for hate) all over the place.

In fact, many threads taking POSITIVE about anything Xbox or Microsoft is met with a sea of salty negativity as if we shouldn't even consider it at all.  

For example, moneyhatting a third party exclusive.  When Microsoft does it, they're EVIL, they're the cancer to the gaming industry, they're what's wrong with gaming today, blah, blah, blah.  When Sony does it... they're fucking heroes.  Not a lot of bitching went on when they money hatted Street Fighter V, Shenmue, or Final Fantasy (XI and 13 did appear on the 360)... or Metal Gear.

The bias is strong, and god forbid you point it out.  It's like throwing a rock in Legion Territory, you'd be lucky if you make it out alive.  I'm not denying that the Playstation 4 offers the best of gaming right now, just pointing out the sheer childishness to the arguements.

Also, lately Microsoft has been doing much changing to try and make amends for the negative press they had since the Xbox One's reveal.  Every step they take however gets met with much cynicism to out right denial.  People tend to forget how cocky Sony and the Playstation were when PS3 was announced... $600 dollars remember?  I should know, I was dumb enough to buy one at that price!

Some huge net positives for Microsoft as of THIS YEAR:

  • Backwards compatibility FOR PHYSICAL COPIES (save your games on the cloud first kids)
  • Releasing Rare from Kinect Duty
  • Rare Replay
  • Scalebound, from the makers of Bayonetta and Metal Gear Rising
  • Announcing a far more diverse line-up of games that AREN'T all FPS and Sports.
  • A Battletoad in Killer Instinct!
  • Future streaming capabilities with Windows 10, which is a boon for gaming channels
  • Adding keyboard and mouse support... MMOs incoming?  

We have Sunset Overdrive, one of the funnest games from 2014 that's a colorful open world platformer.  That was a start.  People are so neck deep in bias against Microsoft they don't want to even acknowledge that they're TRYING... and that makes me very disappointing at people in this hobby.

Before you label me a fanboy, at least try to hear me out.

I've gamed since the atari 2600 and the NES.  I've grown with the industry and my tastes have changed.  I chose to purchase an Xbox One to play with friends and to get Sunset Overdrive.  Also, my positive reception with the 360 let me to this... I got the system without the kinect and it was 20 bucks cheaper.

Trust me, I had a nasty case of PS4 envy.  But as I spend time going over exclusives for both systems... Xbox One has the better lot for now, and now is what's important.  I'll probably end up with a PS4 later down the line, but there are no must have's I'm interested in.

I've played Last of Us, and Second Son felt very rushed and short.  God of War didn't interest me much either.  Uncharted, as cool as it is, felt more like an on rails action game that lost me in the second game.  Also, my anime phase has long since dissipated.  I'm not interested in the otaku catered franchises many hold dear... they just don't click with me.  Guilty Gear maybe... but I dunno.  Sucks that I'll miss out on Dragon Quest but last one I played put me to sleep, like with Suikoden 3.

I blame Bethesda RPGs for spoiling me with an open world RPG where I immerse myself with a character you can make.  I could care less for Halo and Gears, but Destiny I could get into.  Not a racing or sports fan either... so you'd think I should of picked the PS4 for better third party right?  Probably.

But, Sunset Overdrive was the dealbreaker.  There's nothing like that on Playstation... unless there was a sequel that's multiplat, I wouldn't be surprised since the same thing happened to Saints Row.  Scalebound looks very impressive and Crackdown will help with the Saints Row itch.  Quantam Break reminds me of the combination of Infamous meets Watchdogs so I'll give it a go.  Killer Instinct and I go way back.

Personally it's very hard for me to justify owning two gaming consoles where 10% of it's library are exclusives.  And from where I'm sitting, Microsoft's offerings entice me more than what Playstation has to offer... that's just this consumers opinion.

I wish fans would just live and let live and not get so defensive because the "lesser" console has some new toys to play with.  You guys are in the far lead with some games coming out two years from now, be thankful companies flock to your console and not be so smug about it when others aren't so fortunate.

This isn't the Microsoft from 2013 you're dealing with anymore.  Times change.

That's all.

Thursday, July 30, 2015

Baxter's Venture Director's Cut released!

After many months, the time is now!  Baxter's Venture Director's Cut is officially on Steam

Hopefully, there shouldn't be any issues that I've overlooked.  Everyone's machines are different, but that shouldn't pose too much problems, unless they don't have Java installed since there are HTML5 games that require it if I'm not mistaken.

All in all, first Steam release and it's only $3.99!  


Sunday, July 12, 2015

An old friend I never got to meet.

Now for those of you who aren't as familiar with the people in the gaming industry, this is Satoru Iwata.  He's was the CEO of Nintendo for quite some time.   Along with Miyomoto, Reggie, and Sakurai, they ran the S.S.NES across vast virtual seas with many of us who were willing to sail along.

He was an adept game developer, worked on coding for Pokemon, Balloon Fight and Earthbound.  A true pioneer for the industry.  While some of us didn't always agree with his decisions, you'd be hard pressed to deny the kind of impact he has left in his legacy. 

It's a pretty big deal, that the flag outside Nintendo HQ in Japan is at half mast right now.  He had one of the hardest jobs in the industry, yet maintain the quality of life that the rest of the gaming industry should really take after.  He is one of the very VERY few CEOs that understood the need for success and sacrifice, an example is that after the disappointing sales of the Wii U he volunteered his own salary to be cut in half so the company could stay afloat.

For the industry, it's a very big loss.  And I want to thank you for all you have done in your service.  

He among with many others in his position created a means of entertainment.  We would spend hours infront of the television watching pixels move about the screen.  For some, it was another past time, a hobby.  For others it was the escape for those with a turbulant life such as myself.  Where people would never understand our need to stick with the world of gaming, back when it was considered a very geeky (taboo even) way of living.  For example, I lived in a world full of constant misery, be it my own family, friends, and the rest of the world when I was forced to deal with the dark side of humanity.  It looked like there was no escape from the hell that was created for me to endure for most of my life  until 1989, when I begged my parents for a Nintendo.  It was then I was introduced to the wide world of videogames, a place to escape to.  A world of happiness that needed any willing participant to answer it's call whether it was a princess or two that needed saving, helping bipedal animals stop a simian megalomaniac, or to aid a bounty hunter navigate a mysterious planet.

If I had a bad day at school, issues with the people at work, or members of my family would put me down to make themselves feel better, or being betrayed by people I once called friends, gaming was always there to cheer me up.

I'm sure there will be some insensitive SOB that will roll their eyes reading this, probably someone very close to me.  And frankly I don't care about them, not like I used to...  that is how gaming changed me for the better.  It was also good to know that there are millions of likeminded people who share this sentiment.  (Or so I hope!)

Satoru Iwata, thank you for all you've done for us, God speed.