Monday, March 11, 2013

GG-Works official Youtube channel!

Figured it'd be only fitting if I included a Youtube channel.  After all, what is a game-in-the-works without gameplay footage?

It's still under construction, but in the future any newer videos I will just upload them here to watch as well, like so:

That is one of my earliest, earliest tests in sort of a debug room.  There's more where that came from!

Thursday, March 7, 2013

My first game project

Meet Baxter, hes my original creation... I call it a "King Comodo" as it is a comodo dragon with pointy ears that one can assume form a crown... WELL ANYWAY...

I've actually toiled away at this game for a few months now using construct 2.  This is the first indie game engine i've found that doesn't involve a whole lot of programming in code, but a block format that takes a curve to master.

Also made some videos of the dev progress... but since my PC is old and I can't use a capture card I resorted to recording it off my smartphone with rather questionable quality.  I COULD upload them on youtube, but It just feels kind of amateurish I guess.

So instead, here's some screenshots:

 You're looking at the completed progress of two Acts(worlds) and months of hard work finding the right game play elements.  Best way to describe gameplay is similar to Super Meat Boy in terms of being able to wall jump and die in one hit, but there will be enemies and traps galore, and some slight puzzle solving in the mix.

I'm debating on adding additional moves like double jump or gliding because I fear that it feels TOO similar to Super Meat Boy.  There will be a playable demo out very soon so I'll let the players be the judge on that.



Introduction, of sorts

Good evening, and welcome to GG-Works, my little slice of the internet where I want to bring you up to speed on projects.

Figured a blogger site would be the ticket, I am liking the simplicity of the layout.

My real name is Glenn Gallimore, been a bit of an hobbyist artist (Not sure if that is a real term, but who cares!).  Used to have big dreams of making it into the big time, but instead had other things to take care of.

Graduated in 2008 from the Art Institute with a Bachelors.  Now I'm sure that I'm going to have some college purists haze me with this, but yeah... probably not my best decision but its the experience at least learning some general education that I've slacked off from high school and beyond... who knew I'd ace Trigonometry and Physics when I sucked so bad at Algebra at one point!

I've also learned much more about the videogames industry, or confirmed some suspicions about it.  At that time, I came to the harsh truth about my own artwork compared what as expected.  The school's teachings in gaming also didn't help as much as it was outdated materials.  It truly seemed like it was no longer an indie playground but only for big businesses to take near all of the success, it truly looked like I had no real chance at ever working in videogames...

... until just around that time slow indie titles started to take storm.  We've had some good titles come out like Super Meat Boy, Braid, Fez (which I haven't played because I'm an expert procrastinator) Minecraft, Ktulu saves the world, just a handful at the moment.

Seeing the runaway success of game titles on the Android, Web, and Apple it reignited the spark in me to give it one last hurrah (or two) in realizing a life goal of mine.

Wish me luck, see you soon!