Thursday, March 7, 2013

My first game project

Meet Baxter, hes my original creation... I call it a "King Comodo" as it is a comodo dragon with pointy ears that one can assume form a crown... WELL ANYWAY...

I've actually toiled away at this game for a few months now using construct 2.  This is the first indie game engine i've found that doesn't involve a whole lot of programming in code, but a block format that takes a curve to master.

Also made some videos of the dev progress... but since my PC is old and I can't use a capture card I resorted to recording it off my smartphone with rather questionable quality.  I COULD upload them on youtube, but It just feels kind of amateurish I guess.

So instead, here's some screenshots:

 You're looking at the completed progress of two Acts(worlds) and months of hard work finding the right game play elements.  Best way to describe gameplay is similar to Super Meat Boy in terms of being able to wall jump and die in one hit, but there will be enemies and traps galore, and some slight puzzle solving in the mix.

I'm debating on adding additional moves like double jump or gliding because I fear that it feels TOO similar to Super Meat Boy.  There will be a playable demo out very soon so I'll let the players be the judge on that.



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