Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Baxter Demo UPDATE

Alright!  Updated demo is uploaded.  There were more bugs than I expected, mostly the green slime, music, and save load states giving me the biggest headache.  Mainly as I deleted some commands, I tend to miss one or two laying around messing the game up.

Before I continue, wow 3DS is getting new games, like the sequel to Zelda A Link to the Past, and Earthbound on Virtual Console.  I see what you're doing Nintendo, you're trying to suck me back into your vortex of nostalgia but I know all too well it's just a temporary high!

Ahem... so!  Act 3 will be underway soon, I already have some nifty ideas.  I'll say this, it's going to be an outdoor/cavern theme with water hazards, bees, and dirt blocks that crumble as you touch them.  I'm hoping to get some cool puzzle elements compared to the last two acts.  I might have a way to incorporate mock physics since Construct 2 is unable to mesh platform and physics... yet.

Baxter - I want to combine a melting pot of cool gaming features from other games I liked.  Soft puzzle elements like Portal, platforming mechanics like Sonic and Mario, and replay value of Angry Birds.  Overall, the idea is to just have fun with this game.  It isn't meant to be some revolutionary or artsy title... just something you can pick up and play, and replay... show your family and friends and talk about it on the internet. 

Going to take a small break and get some art done for the remaining 3 acts.  Levels don't take long to make, just constructing the code blocks for making things work.  Good thing I have debug rooms!

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