Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Demo coming very soon!

Good evening folks, just dropping by to give you a heads up about the game's progress.  Haven't been active as there isn't much new content to show you...

until now.

Demo is almost done, just a few minor tweaks and details as I want to get this as polished as possible before I show everyone.  I'll be uploading it on the Scirra Arcade around the weekend.

Added two abilities for Baxter to use:

"Gliding"  you tap the up key twice and it only works when jumping, not falling for right now.  This helped create and added dynamic to the game.

"Whiplash"  Baxter creates a horizontal tail attack that can be used to smash obstacles, trigger switches, etc.  Unfortunately you can't really kill anything with it but I plan on having it for other uses.

"Green slime puddle" not only increases your speed, but I've made it where you can demolish crates with it.  Why?  Because with the glide feature, it made green slimes pointless for running-long jumps.  

"Baxter coins"  If I neglected to mention, this is my idea for replay value.  Like some games you are expected to get three gold stars, you collect 20 gold coins with Baxter's face on it and the completed stage turns to gold.  Usually, the levels stay red until you do so.

Stay tuned!

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