Friday, April 12, 2013

Feh, hit a snafu.

First the good news.

Demo is complete.  The game has fully playable levels from both acts one and two, added some replay value with the Baxter Coin system, and also added touch controls for those who are gonna be surfing the web via phones and tablets.  The touch controls can be toggled on and off in the title screen.

Even took a day off of work just to finalize everything.

Now the bad news...

My game fits all of Scirra Arcade's guidelines, except for one small detail: 

"Maximum game width cannot exceed 800px."

As of a while now, my game exceeds that by 200px, seeing that on the website as I was submitting my game made my heart sank.  I'm looking for other avenues I can try like Kongregate or a website that allows high bandwidth (Just incase, heh heh heh.).  I mean I "could" retool the game but that would mean going through every, single, layout... and squishing things.  That is quite the undertaking now that I've come so far working on this.

I wish I still had my old website, but perhaps I can find something for the time being this weekend.  I wanted this to be up by tonight, unfortunately I'll have to figure something out now.

UPDATE:  Yeahhhh... I think I need to quit plunging ahead of myself.  I was looking at the wrong file and noticed that the true game is in .zip format... at its at 82 MB.  That exceeds the 10mb limit set for games at the Scirra Arcade.  So now... I'm not sure what I'm going to do.  This is more like 1/3 of the full game and not really a demo.  Perhaps web hosting might be the way to go... ugh.

Sorry for the delay, as I'm trying my hardest to make this happen, stay tuned!

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