Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Graphical facelift incoming

Good evening folks,

Still working on getting more exposure for this game, however comparing to other indie titles I've noticed my graphics seem a bit lackluster.  It looks far too plain or too much color all at once.  Backgrounds appear were too distracting in some areas, so I've opted for something softer yet just detailed enough to look nice.

Also, I felt that some levels in Act 2 were far too easy and lacked the slight puzzle element.  So some parts have changed and require some thinking to solve.

Here are some examples:

 I hope to reupload the game tomorrow afternoon.  

In other news, I'm unable to locate a plugin for IE/Safari that allows OGG Vorbis audio playback.  What I'm considering is an alternate means as just a regular download for your PC.  My idea was that playing it on a browser would of been far more convenient than downloading a 83MB file.  

Also, I REALLY need to get a company logo going...

Stay tuned!

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