Sunday, April 14, 2013

Revisions to Baxter - demo

Hello gang, hope you're enjoying the demo.  I want to work hard to make this game as perfect as I can.

Already I'm taking notes on bugs and other things I've missed and started on revisions.  This is a checklist so far:

*Glide - make it to where you can glide and fall by holding and letting go of the "UP" key respectively.  FIXED!
*Glide collision issue - FIXED!
*Touch control toggle doesn't work on Act 1 HUD - FIXED!
*Issue in Act2-5 where you're unable to glide from walls - FIXED!
*Collision issues with Green Slimes FIXED!
*Several platform collision issues in few levels FIXED! (hopefully)
*Music stopping when leaving Control, Credit, HUD layouts FIXED!
*Game unable to save progress on browser*** FIXED! Thanks to C2's new save state feature.
*Issue where the info bubble in Act1-1 wouldn't disappear after clicking the "X" FIXED! 

Yeah as you can see, I've fixed the Glide issues and currently working on the saving problem.
*Issue where Act1-Boss doesn't respawn after completion  FIXED!
*Issue in various levels in Act 2 where crates were unbreakable due to green slime placement. FIXED!

UPDATE  4/16/13:  Okay, revisions are done.  I've found a few more little things I've missed first testing so I went and fixed it.  Currently I'm playtesting the new demo now and should have it reuploaded soon.

Perhaps I should just call it a patch of sorts, added a victory theme to the boss levels.

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