Sunday, May 19, 2013

Act 3 Underway finally

Act 3 is an outdoor act.  It will have forests, caverns, and water levels, not to mention some twists on the puzzles.  This was inspired from a very old Nintendo game called "Wario's Woods".  Since Reginald has similarities to Wario, and this game needed an outdoor level, it was a perfect fit!  Acts 1 and 2 are a walk in the park compared to this!

Finished three levels so far, won't spoil too much on how many are in there total, but I will gladly show you screenshots!
 One of the new enemies.  Do you remember those annoying enemies from the Mega Man games that move fast when you land on it's platform?  It's basically the same pattern with these.
 A propeller plant, you make these things spin in the air to reach heights if wall climbing or red slime jumping wont work.
BEHOLD!!  Water physics!  I know, I know... been done before.  This took the lion share of my weekend trying to figure out and in the end it was a completely different (and simple) procedure to do on Construct 2.  And to add a bit of challenge, you can't glide underwater.


Speaking of Nintendo earlier in this post, I keep up with gaming news as much as I can... afterall this IS my profession right?  Anyway, turns out that many players on Youtube are going to lose income to Nintendo after making a deal with Youtube to monetize ads on videos featuring gameplay from their respected IPs.

The short of it is, those people who actually made money doing videos like Let's Play or just informative commentary are going to have to find another source of revenue.  I didn't realize they made a decent living doing these types of things.

In a legal respect... yeah, it made sense, but why now?  Could Nintendo be desperate since WiiU is experiencing a game drought not seen since... the Wii, N64?  Its in a theory of mine that they're basically becoming the Disney of the game industry.  Complete control over their properties.

As a supporter of LPers, I'd like to see them continue their work... maybe another host other than Youtube.  Screw Attack seems to be always looking for new shows, and Blip TV is gaining some popularity in video hosting if you don't mind the longer ad space.  If anyone affect by Nintendo is reading this, I urge you to at least check these places out.  Maybe you can host a website that is unaffected by this... though a cease and desist letter isn't too far off the Big N's idea.

Anyway, hope you enjoyed the screenshots!

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