Monday, May 27, 2013

Twitter Account and game update

It's probably past due that I've joined the 21st century, so I've created a Twitter account

This way you can keep up with updates a bit easier.


Oh, Act 3 is almost done!  Just finished retesting the boss battle.  All I'm missing really are the intro and outro cards.  Totally surprised how easy I'm getting the hang of Construct 2.  It's much easier once all the art and code bits are done so you can just concentrate on creating the levels without much hold up.

When doing Acts 1 and 2, I was always going back and adding stuff in... probably not a good idea, but Act 2 was done like at the beginning of this year.  Most of my time was spent ironing out bugs and collision glitches.... also had that desire to play FFXI Online alot, which can also really borrow alot of free time.

Stay tuned!  I'm going to make a brief gameplay video once all is said and done before going to Act 4.

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