Saturday, June 29, 2013

Considering possible mobile game app

Just about wrapping up Act 4, seeing the game file size reaching around 100 MB, I realize that this game is just too big for mobile, as Baxter was going to be a mobile game when I first conceived it.

Right now as I'm working on the last two levels for Act 4, I'm seriously considering a smaller, mobile version of this game.  Something along the lines of a prequel to this one where you are trying to evade capture from Reginald.

Thing is, I'm trying not to make it just another "auto-run right + collect stuff" app.  Working on this game taught me a very valuable lesson about smartphone apps, in that simplicity is best when it comes to controls, yet there's too many "me too" apps that have the exact. same. gameplay.  Baxter is an adventure character -- then again, it's not exactly a bad thing when you consider most of those games are made from many mini games from console classics:
  • For example, the infamous "bike tunnel" stage from Battletoads.
  • Or Mega Man 8's "JUMP, JUMP, SLIDE, SLIDE"
  •  Any classic on rails racer or shooter
Now that I think about it, it may not be such a bad idea, considering I already have the art assets needed.  Rather than one level, you can rack up enough points to unlock more levels.  Plus with the jump + glide feature, and whiplash, there can be numerous ways to make it replayable like added secrets and short cuts.  I could probably make it work.

Hmmm... definitely something to think about, stay tuned!

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