Sunday, June 23, 2013

Some Act 4 screenshots

Hiyo, I have some screens for Act 4 here.  I'm over halfway done with the act.  Found some nice little gimmicks to make this whole Act stand out otherwise it'd feel almost the same as Act 2.

Each act has a theme:
Act 1: Carnival - basic platforming and puzzle
Act 2: Construction Zone - Addition of the Jelly (new name) family, red/green barrier switch
Act 3: Outdoor - Water Hazard, death walls, puzzle bubbles
Act 4: 

Lets start with hot lava:
 Here, the lava is instant death, but some objects allow you to "float" on it... physics be damned!

 These are "gear platforms"  Since the game is 2D I'm trying to give a 3Dish effect that they're spinning... and those sparky guys are called "Sparkers" that follow a set path.

 Before you say "Super Meat Boy much?"  Yes, I'm drawing inspiration from Super Meat Boy for a couple levels, it was one of the driving forces to make Baxter in the first place.  My original idea was to have spinning gears but gears aren't as lethal.

The lore of the factory is that it produces the Jelly you see from Act 2 on, this new jelly allows you to stick to surfaces like glue... which and either help or hinder your progress.

So there you have it!  That is just a taste of what to expect in Act 4.  I want to show you some other nasty traps, but that would spoil the surprise!

See you soon!

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