Saturday, July 27, 2013

Baxter 95% completed!!!

Just a little bit before the finish line gang, all the challenge levels are done, the power ups have been coded and tested too.  All it's missing are the few cutscenes and ending before this game is ready for it's final testing phase.

I've always tested each and every thing I code rather than wait until the last, since game breaking bugs tend to take me longer to fix, so I'd rather code it so it doesn't interfere with anything else.  Well, I don't know what other Construct 2 users call it, since it's more like "block coding" than actual text code like in C++.  But that is the beauty of this program, before I talk more about C2's future, allow me to present to you some screenshots of the challenge levels:

 Recognize this background from my first debug room?  Well this is a "sandwiched" elevator that's going down, watch your step!
 This level you're being chased by my soon to be infamous orange RC Hornets, only this one is more like a B52!

 It might be hard to tell from this shot, bit this whole level is an easter egg.  A reference to a very well known NES classic, not sure if I can get into trouble since all the art assets are my own, it's the structure the level takes.

Remember, these stages are one death only, it takes one portal to unlock it, but each death causes you to start over from the HUB room, including the 20 coin challenge.  This is the game's "HARDCORE" mode so to speak.


So, Construct 2's team have finally been in contact with Nintendo.  Skipping technical jarble, what it could mean is that sometime down the road, C2 devs can create games for Nintendo's respective consoles!  It's huge news, and perhaps some killer apps could help the struggling WiiU, or see some success on the popular 3DS.  Either way, it's huge news.


Once the main game is done and tested, I'm going to whip up some more promotional images and a couple videos since I've totally neglected those during the development cycle.  After all, I'd feel pretty stupid if I didn't try to market my game.  I did make some amateur gameplay vids and a trailer, but you would rather see new stuff in action right?

After the promotional phase, I'll work on getting this game on steam.  Not entirely sure HOW, but this project didn't need a kickstarter campaign lol.   As for pricing, I'm still debating on it.  Originally I sought a $10 pricetag, but considering the economy, and not having a demographic at the get go, I should play it safe with a $5-6 dollar pricetag.  

Something to think about,

Stay tuned!

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Act 5 completed!!

Man, what a weekend.  Here in Arizona storms roll in to keep us cool for a while... but that's not important.

Act 5 of Baxter is finished.  Final Boss and everything!  Been working with a sprained wrist on my  right hand but I wanted to get this done so bad.  Which kind of works out since I'm tempted to play  The Last of Us but the way my hand is bandaged up I can't even hold a controller, but I can still type... sorta.

Started on Bonus Challenge Act levels, at least the HUB world is done.  Here is a work in progress screenshot:

All levels are locked until you find them in the main game, once accessed via those purple portals, you can re-enter them through here.  

I've also added hidden warp zones in the first four acts, for speed runners or gamers who find the game a bit too difficult.


Unrelated note, I'm seriously considering getting a new PC for gaming only.  As much as I want a new game console, seems I'm starting to get drawn towards modded games.  I missed out on so much from Saints Row, Fallout, and Skyrim.  Good lord, Skyrim... I have yet to play any of the DLC because it's never on sale.  I missed that Spring sale on Xbox live and still waiting for another price drop.

Oh well, stay tuned!

Sunday, July 14, 2013

"MOAR" changes!

Hey guys and gals, dropping a note for some changes regarding powerups and special acts:

1.  I've decided to simplify things further by just having powerups purchasable the moment you gain enough tokens.  

Without spoiling too much, these power upgrades are meant to make the game easier, and hopefully more fun.  They'll be permanent too.  One particular one will consume tokens, so at least they'll still have a use once all the buy-able stuff is done.

2.  Challenge levels are only unlocked by finding them within the levels.

While there will be at least one hidden warp zone per act, more adventurous players can find challenge acts by exploring parts of the level, probably altered ones from the current demo out now, and once unlocked, you can access them from the Challenge Act HUB any time you want.

Each challenge act will function different from the regular acts, in which one death will result in you restarting the level, including Baxter coins, switches, and breakable objects.


Sunday, July 7, 2013

Act 5 (Beginning of the end!)

Down to the final act of the main game, and this last act is going to be a doozy.  First off the bat, here is the background for the hub world.

It's a parody of Dr. Wily's and Eggman's fortresses, since Reginald's face is everywhere, this would be rather funny I thought.... I wonder if I'll still get sued?

Also to add that this Act will have you fight all four boss levels before you make it to the final showdown with Reginald.  While I do have levels with some new traps and enemies, I think it would benefit the game that this act throws out all the stops.  Now, you might be asking... why is Baxter going after Reginald if he's trying to escape him since the beginning?  You'll have to play to figure out!

Those blocks appear and dissappear, so time those jumps wisely!

The first few levels you start outside, but there will be returning references to previous acts, like the water hazards from act 3.  After all, the rematch of the Reginald Sub needs water, so expect at least a couple more water levels.


On another topic, I think I've found something cool to do for the special acts I'll be working on very soon.  You know those four acts you need tokens to unlock?  Well, so you spent all that work for only a small handful of super hard levels... as many gamers know, there has to be a balance of risk vs. reward... so there needs to be a reward for the risks taken.

So, after some extended thought, I've decided on having permanent power-ups for completion of each special act.  What each one are I cannot divulge, but I will say that it will make the game easier for those who are struggling or going for the 20 coin challenge on each level.

Well, that's all for now, stay tuned!