Sunday, July 7, 2013

Act 5 (Beginning of the end!)

Down to the final act of the main game, and this last act is going to be a doozy.  First off the bat, here is the background for the hub world.

It's a parody of Dr. Wily's and Eggman's fortresses, since Reginald's face is everywhere, this would be rather funny I thought.... I wonder if I'll still get sued?

Also to add that this Act will have you fight all four boss levels before you make it to the final showdown with Reginald.  While I do have levels with some new traps and enemies, I think it would benefit the game that this act throws out all the stops.  Now, you might be asking... why is Baxter going after Reginald if he's trying to escape him since the beginning?  You'll have to play to figure out!

Those blocks appear and dissappear, so time those jumps wisely!

The first few levels you start outside, but there will be returning references to previous acts, like the water hazards from act 3.  After all, the rematch of the Reginald Sub needs water, so expect at least a couple more water levels.


On another topic, I think I've found something cool to do for the special acts I'll be working on very soon.  You know those four acts you need tokens to unlock?  Well, so you spent all that work for only a small handful of super hard levels... as many gamers know, there has to be a balance of risk vs. reward... so there needs to be a reward for the risks taken.

So, after some extended thought, I've decided on having permanent power-ups for completion of each special act.  What each one are I cannot divulge, but I will say that it will make the game easier for those who are struggling or going for the 20 coin challenge on each level.

Well, that's all for now, stay tuned!

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