Sunday, July 21, 2013

Act 5 completed!!

Man, what a weekend.  Here in Arizona storms roll in to keep us cool for a while... but that's not important.

Act 5 of Baxter is finished.  Final Boss and everything!  Been working with a sprained wrist on my  right hand but I wanted to get this done so bad.  Which kind of works out since I'm tempted to play  The Last of Us but the way my hand is bandaged up I can't even hold a controller, but I can still type... sorta.

Started on Bonus Challenge Act levels, at least the HUB world is done.  Here is a work in progress screenshot:

All levels are locked until you find them in the main game, once accessed via those purple portals, you can re-enter them through here.  

I've also added hidden warp zones in the first four acts, for speed runners or gamers who find the game a bit too difficult.


Unrelated note, I'm seriously considering getting a new PC for gaming only.  As much as I want a new game console, seems I'm starting to get drawn towards modded games.  I missed out on so much from Saints Row, Fallout, and Skyrim.  Good lord, Skyrim... I have yet to play any of the DLC because it's never on sale.  I missed that Spring sale on Xbox live and still waiting for another price drop.

Oh well, stay tuned!

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