Sunday, July 14, 2013

"MOAR" changes!

Hey guys and gals, dropping a note for some changes regarding powerups and special acts:

1.  I've decided to simplify things further by just having powerups purchasable the moment you gain enough tokens.  

Without spoiling too much, these power upgrades are meant to make the game easier, and hopefully more fun.  They'll be permanent too.  One particular one will consume tokens, so at least they'll still have a use once all the buy-able stuff is done.

2.  Challenge levels are only unlocked by finding them within the levels.

While there will be at least one hidden warp zone per act, more adventurous players can find challenge acts by exploring parts of the level, probably altered ones from the current demo out now, and once unlocked, you can access them from the Challenge Act HUB any time you want.

Each challenge act will function different from the regular acts, in which one death will result in you restarting the level, including Baxter coins, switches, and breakable objects.


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