Sunday, August 11, 2013

Baxter's Venture Official Trailer!

It's finally finished, over two minutes of gameplay footage.  I'm definitely going to get the full version of fraps First, so I can lose the pesky watermark, and second it will save me money from getting a capture card for the meanwhile.

So yeah, hope you like the new trailer.  All that's left for me now is to finish ironing out the last small bugs, create some promotional artwork, and get approved for Steam Greenlight.  Man, I can't believe I've came all this way from just daydreaming of creating videogames and here I am, on the verge of publishing.  Someone might ask "why not use kickstarter?"

Well, GG-Works isn't exactly a name brand... yet.  I'd feel kinda bad for taking money for a project that may or may not even get published.  My conscience is far too strong to allow me to justify taking peoples money and not put anything out.  Maybe after a couple established titles I'll consider it, but only small amounts for software or dev kit fees if I were to go on consoles.  Remember, ONLY after I make a name for this company.

Well, I hope you enjoyed the trailer!

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