Sunday, August 18, 2013

Baxter's Venture release on Desura soon!

As the title says, I'm planning on releasing the game on Desura:

Before I tackle Steam.  Figured I'd try and help it gain some popularity, help this game grow!

September 4th is when it is released, I want to give myself at least two more weeks to find any game breaking bugs, or just some oddities before publishing.  It's soon, trust me.  Once that is up and running I'm going to try and notify as many gaming sites (or just Reddit, haha) and see if I can get some kind of publicity.

After that is said and done, Baxter is going to have his own mobile game as previously mentioned.  I've dabbled in a small demo of it and I think with enough tweaking, I can make it work!  One button, that does a few things, as you move in one direction collecting and scoring enough points without dying.  

It'll feel like Baxter's Venture, but it'll play different.  I'll start work on that as soon after I take a small break from game development as I've worked on this game months straight!


Speaking of breaks, I got to play Phase 4 of Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn!   Speaking from years on and off of FFXI, this is a huge breath of fresh air.  Anyone expecting this to play exactly like XI are in for a shock.

I'll be honest, the user interface and the game mechanics looked intimidating and I thought it'd take me weeks to learn.  This game has a way of carefully easing you through.  I'm on the PS3 thanks to a very old beta code from FFXIII that I redeemed some time ago.  Rocking the Marauder class, which is a DPS Tank that uses a Great Axe.  Unlike Warrior from XI, Marauder is supposed to prepare you for tanking when you change to Warrior later on.  You can deal damage, but your primary goal is to hold hate and you're supplied with enough HP to hold your own.  Many didn't like the idea at first, but we don't want this to be another XI where tanks were in short supply, so it's more of a sink or swim deal.

Grinding, well, you can grind if you want (killing monsters out in the fields), but the game offers you tons of quests, leves, and FATEs for solo play, as well as Duty Finders for small parties for some nice loot if you're into that.  Not a dull moment there, plus you get rested exp bonus for the casual players by staying at an inn or sanctuary while offline for a long period of time.  Compared to XI, all you could do was slay monsters and maybe some other stuff for a miniscule exp gain before exp rings came out, even then were limited.  Now XI has been "grind to 30" then "afk in abyssea while someone else Fell Cleaves" to 99, then you have to go back and level your weapon.

So far, nothing of the sort here in XIV, your weapons and armor wears instead (similar to fallout but nowhere near as bad) and costs very little gil to repair.  After my departure from XI, I told myself I'd be taking a break, which turned into an "I think I'm done" affair to "OMG XIV is AWESOME!"

This game caters to all types of gamers, some of us don't have the time like we used to but in a sense you can still get stuff done.  Probably not relic stuff, but at least you can log in, do something for an hour or three, and log off.  There's just so much to do here and little time to finish.

Oh, and the graphics... amazing.  Managed to visit a few high level places on chocobo and was taken in awe how much work they put into it... until servers crash last night lol.   Thankfully I managed to be in a sanctuary when it happened, so if I decide to play the game on release my beta character is saved with a nice exp bonus to boot!

Well played SquareEnix, well played.

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