Saturday, August 10, 2013

Final testing phase

Oy, bug testing phase is taking a bit, found some rather interesting bugs in the older content (pre act 4) that snuck in after some adjustments.  A couple bugs in act 3 & 4 where a couple levels never unlock in the HUB screen, and the water line in Act 5 were solid as ice.

Even some of the collisions to the Challenge Level portals weren't working right.  It's amazing that one small detail can make a bug seem large.

As I'm testing, I'm using FRAPS to record segments of the game, so I can make the new trailer tomorrow!  Just a few more little snippets here and there and I'll get started on the trailer.  I have one more art piece I'd like to make for promotional purposes, then I can get on with the final phase:

Steam Greenlight.

Seems how this works is I have to make an account and use all my promotional items, and figure a way to convince people to let Baxter's Venture on Steam.  So it looks like a voting process.

I've heard very mixed reviews about it, as some very good games with potential and polish like Mutant Mudds, a port of the indie 3DS hit was overlooked for some rather generic FPS and other odd clones.  This scares me a bit, since this is a solo venture with a rather crudeish artstyle.  (Think Mike Judge before King of the Hill) Only other thing that makes my game stand out is that it's not just another "pixel mascot platformer".  I wonder if my game will be seen as: [internet]"Pssh, another stupid nostalgic platformer... PASS!  *sneer*, *sneer* [/internet]"

When you think about it, it's not offering a huge game mechanic like Fez or Braid did.  It's not insanely difficult like Super Meat Boy and I Wanna Be The Guy, and it sure as hell isn't no Slenderman.  It's a basic mascot platformer, that offers challenging gameplay and a large chunk of replay value at a low price.  It has no real name brand to sell it like AVGN adventures, as I'm leaving it up to the consumers to make that name.

I just see Baxter's Venture as another option of game to try.  Yes, it's a mascot platformer, but that's all part of the charm.  Perhaps it may be apart of an indie bundle someday if first initial sales don't go so well.   Getting it out there, will accomplish something I wanted to do my entire life.

Oh, And I won't stop with there, Baxter will have a mobile game once that is said and done.  If the game does really well, don't rule out a sequel.  It probably won't be for some time, but I'll probably do something different with the game's level design so it doesn't have that "Angry Birds" layout.

Anyway, back to testing... see you tomorrow!

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