Sunday, August 25, 2013

Updated trailer

Happy Sunday.  Have an updated trailer, taken out the mock Seinfeld theme and a couple snippets but added one snippet of game footage.

I should of trusted my gut when I used that older theme, since I purchased it from a royalty free music store.  When you have a song titled "About Nothing" you should heed that warning your brain tells you.  Oh well, live and learn right?

So still doing some last minute testing.  Haven't found really anything big, just fixing up some graphics and animations.  Revamped my Desura page too with the new video and some page adjustments so it looks a bit more professional.

Hopefully I can meet my deadline of Sept 4, and all is said and done.  Gonna take a small break and start on Baxter's mobile game and try for a Christmas release.  It's not going to be as big as this game, but it's going to be about the same length as Super Mario Bros without warpzones.  Part runner, part platform, where high scores and collectibles matter!


The nerd in me was in full beast mode.  Got to play early access to A Realm Reborn and it's still running into it's fair share of problems.  Anyone who preordered the game is feeling pretty cheated in the NA/EU side.  Servers are overcrowded and keep shutting down and instantces are not even working at all.  What as once a week of early access was squeezed into three days, and a good one and a half were barely playable.  I suppose you can consider it a last minute beta before the real deal, but at this rate A Realm Reborn is going to face some serious backlash if this isn't fixed by release in a couple days.

It's a good game, lots of stuff to do both solo or casual and it looks fantastic.  It's starting to deter me a bit that's for sure.  I'll probably play for the free 30 days (I think it's a month) since my PC can handle it and I'll consider if I want to play this or not.  It's killing my buzz that's for sure.

Stay tuned for more updates!

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