Monday, September 16, 2013

A small preview

Figured I'll leave this here:

This is an ingame sprite for Baxter's upcoming mobile game.  What about that sack he's holding?  Well, that's part of the whole gimmick of the game.  The island from the first game is littered with tokens and Baxter has found himself rather fond of the new "shinies" appearing all over.  This may add some depth to his personality, as some kind of collectible hoarder.

Borrowed inspiration from some game characters like Nabbit from New Super Luigi U and the Goblin/Qiqirn beastmen from Final Fantasy XI and XIV.  Something about creatures that hoard just appeals to me, maybe because I can be a bit of a packrat myself sometimes.

The game will be an endless runner, somewhere along the lines of Jetpack Joyride and Temple Run 2.  You have two buttons, one for jumping/gliding and one for his tail/flail move to break obstacles.  He moves automatically so no need for controls.  You just collect stuff to get a high score as possible before you die.

You start with one life, but I'm going to see about how you can accumulate more lives along with cool powerups to prolong your play.

Also I'll be experimenting on making it not so linear.  Each "level" will have multiple branching paths and secrets, which will also include hidden bonus rooms and warpzones.  It makes sense since you're literally trekking around the island so you're going to eventually come full circle.  Speaking of trekking, you can unlock different starting points the farther you progress.  My idea is to make every level interloop including boss levels.

Reginald returns to try his hand at capturing Baxter while he fulfills his new found hobby.  What will Baxter do with all his shinies?  Depending on your progress I plan on multiple endings so if you die after collecting 10k tokens you'll be treated to an ending compared to when you only had say 800 tokens.

There are also plans for ingame achievements.  Something I never did with the first Baxter game.  The achievements will be seen as some sort of "objective" and you just need to fufill the objective to complete it.


Still waiting on Desura if "Baxter's Venture" is approved, I've set a new release date and I'm hoping to hear from them soon.  Not sure if it's difficult converting a Construct 2 game to something they can use.  I feel repetitive talking about it, so this will be my last post about it until some new news comes down the pipeline.
GTA5 comes out in a few hours!

I honestly didn't think I'd be hyped for this, considering my utter disappointment GTA4 was.   Add Insult to injury that Saints Row 4, despite it's fun didn't satisfy me as long as I hoped.  I played the hell out of SR3 long after it ended.  Didn't even last long with the Skyrim DLCs as my interest slipped.  I hate feeling like I'm tossing money away but I have a good feeling about this one.  Everything that made me lose interest in GTA has been rectified:

Mission checkpoints
Cars that don't drive like bricks on ice
Hopefully no mandatory side missions
Better AI for NPCs

Main mission is rumored to be over 30 hours, that's over twice as long SR4's main story and there's so much to do in the game.  I might end up picking it up after work!

See you later!

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