Sunday, September 22, 2013

Baxter Pocket Preview

Evening ladies and gents, took some time away from GTA5 to work on my next project. Here's a screenshot below! 
You might notice a few things.  You have a current "score" up top, with the "high score" at the bottom.   The High Score will be constant until you exceed it, as with tradition.  Your goal is to collect as many tokens as possible after all.  Next, is the green circle on the upper right.  That is your jump meter, similar to Kirby's Dreamland, Baxter can now jump up to four consecutive times in midair before running out.  This can be used on top of gliding to gain maximum airtime, and to save you from any sudden pitfalls.  

And yes, you can collect lives... which act more like hitpoints.  You start out with one generally, but you can add more when you collect the Baxter icons scattered all across the game!  Last, the poker chips from the first game won't return here instead will be the tokens that the game revolves around.  They sort of look like old Aztec currency, with bronze, silver, and gold.  Baxter coins also make a return, with larger value (and size) and will be hidden in every section, including bonus levels.


Remember, only a few more days before Baxter's Venture releases on Desura! 
Desura Digital Distribution 
Pre-order now if you want, it's probably suicide releasing a game around big game releases like GTAV, but that was a risk I was willing to take.  

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