Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Baxter's Venture releases in a few hours on Desura!

Baxter's Venture on Desura

And oh man are my nerves shot. 

I overshot the release on a previous post by a day, and already I saw the boxart posted on Gamespot and Metacritic.  I'm sure every indie dev has been through this point with first commercial release.  My big concern if this game fails epically.

Main concern goes to the art.  I've always been a scrappy cartoonist.  I can draw realism, but it's just something I have no interest in.  I've learned drawing from live models, perspective, lighting, everything... well before college.  The world of videogames and animation kept me very interested in the medium.   At one point in life, I did alot of webcomics.  Some were photoshop comics, then branched out to doing my own which never went anywhere due to loss of interest.  Met some very honest (albeit very harsh) critics out there.  My younger self met said critics with some venom, as I got older there became the realization that I'm not as good as I think I am.  With that clarity in mind, I took a trip back to my older works... and a DeviantArt page... and man, my naivety and inexperience showed very hard.  Like an amateur believing he's a pro...

My art always had that scappy cartoonish feel to them, even years of practice because that's the style I've been accustomed to.  It sounds self defeating, but yet there's always room to grow.  Spent years away from my craft and it showed.  I've always pictured myself as Mike Judge or Matt Groening in their early days, or any artist who's work can be described as crude and unpolished.

Maybe I'm trying to justify something that I'm hiding.  Even looking at some of the cutscenes for this game, I sit back and ask myself If I could of done better.  Either way, I pray this wont come back and bite me... well I wont let it anyway.

Second is the game's programming itself.  Had a blast learning Construct 2, made this game as simple as possible and not overly complex.  Spent every day after making a level or three, I'd go back and playtest the crap out of it.  Even after the whole thing was done, found some bugs, and patched as I went.  Further still, one of my biggest peeves was finding levels weren't unlocking, after completing them.  This happened towards the end of the cycle.  Also since this game runs with HTML5, a chug on the browser can mess things up.  Seen it one too many times over development.

Last is the game's difficulty.  It wasn't my intention to make this super hard like every other platformer, but there is a bit of difficulty.  I hope players won't get too frustrated with the game play.


Speaking of art, I'd like to find a good Vector art program.  I feel limited with Photoshop now.  Vector art just has this polished look that I can never get to with Photoshop.  Reason I stuck with it is because it's something I knew for years.  With vector art you can resize anything without ruining quality.  Photoshop art can get nasty real quick with it's rasteried pixel editing.  Vector is what professionals use and it helps produce high quality work.

Hopefully I can find one in my price range that I can use for future projects.

Stay tuned!

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