Friday, September 27, 2013

Four new screenshots

Making a little headway with the mobile game.  Changed some graphics and made four HQ screenshots:

It's definitely taken a step up in detail compared to my first game.  Only thing missing is the buttons for controlling your jump/glide.

Heh, this game is almost 10MB, the max limit to put the game on Scirra Arcade.  I want to make a demo for this before I go any further so I hope to squeeze in another level before I submit it.  I'm feeling pretty good about this project, it's an endless runner that plays like a platformer with branching paths and hidden and secret bonus rooms to find to increase your token count.

Torn with the jump system, as cool as it is, it sort of messes with the glide.  You have to hold the jump to glide, and I'm privy to tap once to jump then tap + hold for glide, which instead makes me air jump once before gliding.  I want to keep the controls as simplified as possible too.

Also decided on making the whiplash/flail from the first game into a powerup, where Baxter can uncontrollable whirl around for X amount of seconds smashing everything in his wake.


Xbox giving me problems, won't let me log into Live for some reason.  Can't even play GTAV because it requires you to log in to save your progress...

Entered all my information and they emailed me back saying they can't help me.  So do I have to call these guys?  Apparently, all my personal info isn't enough...

Really am sick of the way M$ treats its customers, its so dumb you have to be on Live to save a game offline... how dumb is that?

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  1. Hey Glenn it's your sister. Call me ASAP when you get this.