Sunday, September 8, 2013

Sorry for the late update

The release date for Baxter's Venture slipped past the Sept 4 release window due to some last minute checks on the game itself, and I became heavily sidetracked the past few days.

As I type this, the game is  uploaded on Desura and waiting approval.  Cool thing about Construct 2 is that there is a mac exporter as well.  Once all is said and done I'm going to upload the mac version and see how it fares.  Node Webkit was a pretty ingenious exporter plug in.

There's also a windows 8 exporter too, I'm going to look into it.

Anyway, once the game approves I'll post an update with link and price and hope that everyone who purchases a copy will enjoy it!  This is a huge milestone for me, something I've wanted to do since I was a child has finally come into fruition.  It may not be a game on Nintendo, but it's a start.


Saints Row 4 was a wild ride.  It feels... shorter than 3 main mission wise.  Even did all the side missions and I dunno, it still felt pretty short.  I had alot of fun that there were some pretty memorable moments with the loyalty missions and rescuing your homies.  Haters be damned, I love a good game that doesn't take itself too seriously. 

Too many gamers these days only seem to care about serious games, and Saints started out as a huge GTA clone and went its own way.  Games like The Last of Us,  Alan Wake, and LA Noire are good games in its own right, but in a taste of opinion I find them too boring when you're too grounded in realism that it doesn't stay fun anymore.  It's a breath of fresh air from what I'm used to but these games always remind me why I like games like Fallout and Saints Row.   There are thousands upon thousands of games that are grounded upon reality, rather than whine and complain how this game "lost its roots" you should try another title.  GTA still maintains it's Second Life crime simulation for those who want it, stick with that.

Speaking of which, that's coming out in a couple weeks isnt it?  I hope they added mission checkpoints and not make stupid side activities mandatory like they did with GTA4 and started with San Andreas.  Escort missions were just as bad, I recall that near last mission I could never pass because that guy runs in and gets killed before I could take out all the mobsters... after driving all the way across the damn map to get to where I needed to go... not cool Rockstar, not cool.


I... think I sort of lost interest in A Realm Reborn.  Speaking as a veteran of XI, I'm very big on exploration and not so much on grinding.  The thing that turned me off is that pretty much every dungeon or strong hold you need four people minimum just to go and check out, with a time limit.

in XI, you're free to roam anywhere except for small boss chambers as long as you can survive.  XIV feels too grindy.  I was enjoying myself until I got further into the main story missions and there are too many duty finder missions to complete.  It started to feel like work again, and after lvl 32 I've started to distance myself away and had to think about if I want to continue this.  Good thing I had that free week to use up after beta but there goes money spent just for some of the spoils. 

It's my fault for assuming this game was going to be like XI in some ways, I was wrong.  It's still fun, but for the exploration guy in me who likes to solo it's a bit of a turn off that all the cool looking dungeons require a party to navigate through.  Also had the itch to level a DPS instead of a tank, but DPS have the hardest time doing story missions because you're a dime a dozen.

I think if you're past a certain level Duty Finders should be soloable, or with an NPC who you pick a class for like the Adventuring Fellows in XI... now THAT would be cool.   Probably not going to happen though.

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