Sunday, October 6, 2013

BPV title screen (temporary)

Good Sunday viewers, just dropping a line to update this blog.  

First, a screenshot:

This is the title screen, a temporary screen to let you know this is an early build.  I'm prepping this game to be hosted on Scirra's website.  I'll have to change the margins since it exceeds it at the moment, but the final product will be different.

Made some more progress by finishing the touch controls.  Next on my agenda is to add the powerups and a couple new levels and special stages.  My main goal is to get this released on all Android platforms via Google Play.  I'm not ignoring Apple, if this game makes me a good chunk of change on the Google Play market I should be able to afford an apple platform (ipad *cough") to test the iOS version on.

However, I'm considering doing a kickstarter for this game after all.  Reason being, that I am also reconsidering my stance on Steam and that Desura isn't enough for my first game "Baxter's Venture".  I'm going to risk going on Greenlight, at least get the one time fee out of the way.  The game risks being in Greenlight limbo, but it'll reach a much broader audience.  If "Baxter's Venture" does get greenlit, I'll have to sweeten the pot somehow like adding additional levels or something.

As for Kickstarter, it seems there needs to be an incentive for supporters, so I'll have to figure out what I can do with my current limited budget like T-shirts or a patch I email out.  Never did figure out how to make patches in Construct 2, guess now is a good time right?


Found out Wii U doesn't support WebGL... that's disappointing.  I was hoping to one day get a dev kit.  I'm not sure if the 3DS supports WebGL too.  I heard PSVita does and it's audience is slowing growing strong.  WebGL has some awesome effects, my game uses a few of them.

PS4 dev kits... are pretty damn pricey, I didn't think my little one man show would be enough to be considered for a free dev kit when the going was good.  Oh well, I need to make at least one successful title before thinking that far ahead.

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