Saturday, October 26, 2013

Precipice of a dilemma

I had nothing to post about, and for good reason.  Seems I might of hit a snag on my current title "Baxter's Pocket Venture".

As I've started the game is meant for portable devices like Android and IOS.  Unfortunately, I can't seem to test my game reliably on my phone.  Construct 2 doesn't have a native Android/iOS export so they've enlisted the help of Cocoonjs.  After going through the lengthy process of exporting, uploading to Cocoonjs, downloading to test I've been facing problems for the past two weeks.  On top of that, my PC will not even read my phone when I plug it in via USB so I can't transfer files to and from it's SD card.  Even the Cocoonjs app wont download my zip files uploaded to Dropbox.

Testing via Cocoonjs little app has given me frustrations which apparently have been persistent with other more veteran members of the community.  My closest workaround did give me a working demo with a very abysmal frame rate.  Even playing it on the arcade via internet met with some serious slowdown.  Perhaps my phone is very weak?  It's a 4G HTC EVO.  Maybe working with android is as frustrating as industry professionals have mentioned.  I didn't think I put a lot of bells and whistles on a demo except for a couple particle effects, but I think that wouldn't be that big of a hindrance.

Rather a huge disappointment, in a sense I do feel a little ripped off right now that I'm limited to PC games.  There ARE other export options in C2, but they come with some serious limitations.  I'm making one more attempt this weekend before shelving this title, believe me I'm not liking this.


Which brings me to my next announcement:  A new IP.  Spent this week (with some downtime at work, lol) watching some old NES sidescrollers like Ninja Gaiden, TMNT (the first one), and Castlevania and developed a protagonist already.  Debating if I want it as linear with branching paths, or like Mega Man where you can pick and chose levels to beat.  I might be able to pull a Metroidvania game where you explore a huge area and unlock powerups to explore more of the huge area while fighting bosses and solving puzzles.

Boss battles will be a very interesting challenge, save rooms are easy to make with the save state option.  Still working out the bugs, but as I said earlier, if my last few tries doesn't bear fruit then I'll just cut my losses and start the new game.

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