Sunday, November 10, 2013

Baxter's Venture price drop

Good evening!

I've announced on Desura that Baxter's Venture will receive a price drop after Thanks giving.  From 7.99 to 4.99.  My next plan of action once personal finance issues are out of the way is try my luck on Greenlight.  I still want to find some workaround getting Construct 2 games on SOME kind of mobile device.

Been tinkering around with Unity, from the looks of it I could make Baxter's pocket venture work on it.  Only problem is porting it to Android.

This update is rather small, and I apologize as personal stuff has come up lately.

EDIT:  Actually, I take that back.
I do have some retooled art assets from Baxter's Pocket Venture into some sprite sheets.  I've found some very intensive Unity tutorials on 2D sprite projects that so far, do not require expensive tool plugins.  Looking at the engine, I ponder making a 2.5D version of the beach level, but at the same time I have to keep it small.  I wish I had something to show you but unfortunately I have to port everything to Unity first and get something done into a small prototype.

I'm thinking of taking the first part of the level and making it loop, the tokens "refresh" while off screen and players can memorize certain paths to maximize their token intake.

Only thing I would have to worry about is the interface and touch controls, but Unity seems powerful enough to make it work. 


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