Sunday, November 24, 2013

Some developments

Good afternoon!

Some good developments over the past couple weeks, I had nothing to update last week but this is good news.

I've found a workaround to test Baxter's Pocket Venture on my phone.  All I have to do is export the game with Construct 2 using Cocoonjs exporter.  From there, the file is already zipped so I dragged the file into my dropbox folder on my desktop, then went to the dropbox "app" on my phone, placed the zip file on my phone's SD card and with the Cocoonjs app I was able to test my game.

FPS varied.  Earlier I had 30 with the plain prototype, then 10-15 fps on the main game, which plummeted further to 5-8.  Jump touch control was responsive albeit laggy, but the glide didn't work.  Right now I'm trying to figure a fix and as I'm typing I'm working on the next test phase.

Looks like mobile games in HTML5 may require a very minimalist design, no WebGL, do not have too many objects on screen at once, and go very easy on sounds.  Perhaps I may need to retool this game to something a bit smaller and simpler to work with.

--Like removing the glide and make the air-hop propel you a bit further.
--Reduce animation frames on the tokens by half.
--Shorten the level (OR)
--Make several mini levels that intersect, similar to what I had before.
--Instead of autorun, you can control when your character moves, but one direction only.

Now the reason why this workaround works for testing is that either its me but the Cocoonjs compiler into .apk (android app) is unreadable on my phone, that's why testing always left me with a black screen with the error that my game lacked the js and .index file, which is bizarre because they were there to begin with.  So either my phone is pretty outdated (HTC Evo 4G) or Cocoonjs compiler in their website is broken at the moment.

The Cocoonjs app works fine, I can test it there on my phone.  Heck tried Phonegap compiler prior to this, but unfortunately the product is very slow, even though it compiles it to a very workable apk file.

I did hit a point where I was about to stop Construct and start over with other software, but many of these programs like GameMaker Studio and Unity charges a large amount of cash just to export your file for android, and both require coding experience, which I'm afraid I lack the free time to do at the moment, which is why I chose Construct 2.  It's great for desktop games, runs very smooth despite the browser lag, but games lag.  The lesson I've learned that it's good for small scale games.  It can glitch out events if you hit lag spikes, like when I did a play through of Baxter's Venture and some levels didn't unlock.

I'm just glad I finally had some good news, so I'm going to try a downgrade to this game and see where this takes me, stay tuned!


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