Sunday, December 8, 2013

Baxter's Pocket Venture 65% finished.

Good evening!

Getting back into the swing of things, these past couple of months I was too distracted with all the gaming and personal events happening.  Next update I promise some new screenshots.

Back to the game demo, I made some serious adjustments to the game.  

     The levels are now linear, while there are some ways you can finish a level, having a larger layout created some clipping problems where Baxter would fall through platforms.  As much as I wanted a larger layout, it created more problems.  I'm trying for performance first and foremost.  You can still miss coins, and there will be some hidden areas for you to find.

      There will be four (or more) interchanging levels, and some bonus levels in between. 

     Implemented a powerup where you touch a coin bubble and hidden coins appear, the other powerup is the magnet shield where it attracts all coins on screen until you take a hit or die which will be added during the week.

     Achievements will be my biggest challenge.   These are in-game trophies for replay value, if they become too much of a hurdle for this game I'll omit them.

Once these milestones are finished, the final product will go on heaving testing on my phone.  Hopefully I can make an apx and send it to the Google Play store.  By then I hope Cocoonjs cloud compiler is working properly again, if not I will need to find another avenue.


Ha!   VGX was quite a train wreck wasn't it?, Though I liked watching Dying Light gameplay.  Since I haven't played the new Tomb Raider I'll probably be picking that up too.

Stay tuned next week for screenshots folks!


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