Sunday, December 1, 2013

Happy Thanksgiving!

I hope everyone enjoyed the turkey!

Anyway, as you might of noticed Baxter's Venture's price dropped 50% to $3.99!  If you haven't purchased it yet for PC now's the time!  Figured I'd try to get in on this whole cyber Monday thing.

Well, progress on Baxter's Pocket Venture is back up.  My twitter exploded on last Sunday with some progression on frame rate.  Seems like I will need to tone the game down just a bit, probably make the game a tad linear since the larger level might also contribute to the lower framerate.  Game is playable though.  Only thing I'm worried about is the compiler, Cocoonjs is the best by far but I can't get a workable .apx file.  So at least I can finish working on the game and hope by the time I'm ready for publish it'll work.

I've worked out that I can keep the beach theme but make it to where you jump around "sections" of the island, this way keeping the playthrough as little linear as possible, but with paths that can be recognizable for maximum score.


Arkham Origins is a fine game by the way, don't let reviewers tell you otherwise-- some probably didn't get paid enough for a good review (/rimshot)Though I found a couple bugs which forced me to restart the game, it's actually fun.  The boss fights are more memorable than City's, and there are lots of them.  I am bold to say it's one of the few games which makes quicktime events enjoyable.


So I missed the rush for next gen stuff.  I'm still pretty torn about which console to get... because the launch lineup doesn't interest me at all.  Even games trickling down later down the road barely have me piqued save for the new Infamous and Dead Island spinoff.  See, I'm not too big on linear one-way games with pretty graphics, First person shooters, survival horror, or sports titles.  Yet, I think this is what I feel gaming is heading towards.  Not that it is a bad thing, I'm quite content with a sandbox/RPG.  Bethesda has cured my starvation when JRPGs started going all JPOP + Joel "Shoemaker" circa Batman 1990's and every protagonist was barely out of highschool.  Then you get fun titles like Saints Row and the Arkham games.  I liked The Last of Us, but not enough for a second playthrough... I cringe paying 60 dollars for something I can beat in a full weekend.  Maybe if I were middle class without a care in the world I'd reconsider, perhaps it's the reality that I'm another in the line of grizzled older gamer who isn't part of the demographic...

... and I'm fine with that.

There was a time where games were merely geek only for sometime, we were the demographic, and as with all forms of history those times have, and will change again.  We all got a bit of a scare with the casual crowd but that's normal.  Just a phase if you will.

I'm also torn on what console to get due to friends.  I would like to expand my friend network, but most people I'd like to play with are going Xbox again.  I don't think I know anyone locally who owns a PS4, and I'd hate to feel like I'm alienating anyone.  Right now both consoles don't have games I want to own yet so I have some time to think about it.
I thought I was swaying towards PS4 too, then PC, then PS4 again... ugh. Not sure why I feel so anti-Xbone though, I game on the 360 primarily.

Meh, don't mind my ramblings. 

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