Sunday, December 15, 2013


Good Afternoon, I have four new screenshots to show for "Baxter's Pocket Venture"

New HUD display, going for a bit of a treasure island theme with the tattered paper instead of the faded black boxes.

First new enemy called "Crowley" which flutter up/down and left/right, also new "ghost coins" that require a powerup to make them appear so you can grab as many as you can!

This is the gimmick for the second portion of the island, these moving stones need to be carefully navigated otherwise you'll be falling into the water.

Second new enemy "Fiddler".  These spring out of the water and charge towards you.  Originally I considered them stompable, but rather make them unkillable like the Crowleys.
Also you may have noticed that the second screenshot looks a tad brighter... as you progress around the island a full day (game time) will progress.  Next level is going to be a cavern, then sunset, then night.  The levels will interloop with each other keeping you literally running around the island collecting tokens until you lose all your lives or you quit the game.

Reginald will make his return next level as a hazard, and I will try to implement an invincibility powerup instead of the magnet powerup I was going to make.  The magnet didn't work as well as I hoped and if it did, the game would be far too broken.  With the addition of enemies (crab, crowley) I will test to see if it works to eliminate them as well as Reginald.  Another hazard I want to try is making a tidal wave that pushes you back if you don't try to jump over it. 

Today I will be testing the new stuff on my phone here, hopefully the framerate will remain steady otherwise I might have to scrap some things.

Well, it's testing time... see you later!

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