Sunday, February 16, 2014

Baxter's Pocket Venture Preview!

Good evening!  

I wanted to get this up and running earlier, my weekend was busy to say the least.  Anyway, just uploaded this game video to Youtube (There's no sound):

As you can see, the game is pretty much done except for a few small details.  For starters, I don't know why but I wanted the game to give you game over when you get hit with ZERO lives, yet if you have ONE life and get hit, it's game over.  This little glitch is bugging the crap out of me, because when I had it where you started with one life, you get hit and drop to zero and can still play until you get hit one more time.

So maybe I should let you start with three lives instead... 

There were also some frame rate issues where you can literally fall through the layout and fall endlessly.

Well, I think this game might do well.  That is if the app store approves, my jump mechanic scares me a little though now that Flappy Bird came and went.  This game is by no means a clone, I have been working on it since late last year.  But Flappy Bird did kind of give me an idea for a sequel, where you as Baxter are gliding instead of hopping, but for gliding you get to use a slider on the right side of the screen.  I think I can program it where Baxter flies toward's the "cursor" sort of like how a snake moves.  No flapping involved, but it would make for an interesting twist wouldn't it?

So the game is basically an endless runner with different levels that loop, just collect as much as you can before you run out of lives.  This game is meant to be a bit frustrating, but I will adjust enemy placement this week.  There are also hidden secrets and powerups to discover!

There really is no set story, but Baxter's persona is a bit of a hoarder.  He likes shiny things!  The next game might see him collect something else like sparkly stones.

Hope you enjoy the preview, more to come real soon I promise.


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