Sunday, February 2, 2014

Final touches

Hey gang, just dropping an update.

So testing phase went okay, already noted that in-game achievements will not be included until I come up with a patch for later if I decide to do so.  Working on some title cards and a brief intro slideshow and patching the game together for one more run.  The way C2 works is you need the title cards while the whole game loads otherwise you encounter stuttering.

Also, look for a video on Youtube soon, it'll be a brief demo with some commentary from yours truly.

It's been a journey, I hope this game as some kind of niche popularity when it lands on Google's store.  I'll definitely consider apple if this title is successful enough, all I really need is a platform to test it on.


At the Super Bowl...

The Broncos are getting stomped in the first half... its a hard game to watch.

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