Sunday, March 23, 2014

Almost there!

Well gang, the game is finished.  Added an intro cutscene with a new piece of music that fits the tone of this game very well.  I wanted to make a video for youtube tonight, but I was concentrating on getting a stable APK.
 My final obstacle right now is finding a good way to make a stable APK to submit to Google Play.  I'm using the new Intel XDK converter, and seems I've hit a point where I can't tell if my game was compiled or not, so I'm sifting through help files.

This XDK tests the game better than Cocoonjs has, but it keeps failing when I try to build the APK, not sure what's going on but it looks like I'm low on time tonight.


In other news, GERD sucks.

I think I've hit my fourth night where I would go to bed, and in an hour or two I wake up feeling like I'm being choked to death, and I have to force a burp out.  Despite eating 6 hours before bed, my stomach feels as it's still breaking down food as I'm in and out of the bathroom.  I'd end up eventually going to bed 2-3 hours later, but as you can imagine I still wake up around 6-7 am.  Sometimes the pets want breakfast and wont let me sleep in so in total I've had to function on 4-5 hours sleep. 

I suppose it isn't too bad, but four days in a row kinda blows.  Today I went out and bought some enzyme supplements and changed my diet around.  I got ballsy and started my coffee habit over again few weeks back, which is a no-no for GERD sufferers, last night I also ate a pint of icecream with cuppochino 3 hours before bedtime, which was my OTHER mistake so I bought it all on myself.  Even Green tea I have to give up.  Today was nothing but water, fruits, some veggies and a very small dinner.  I feel okay, but of course I'd feel this way until night time and my stomach decides to be an ass.  Plus I have to get up one hour early tomorrow so I plan on hitting the sack early just incase I get a repeat of the last four nights.


I'll hope to have an APK done mid week... hopefully.


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