Saturday, March 29, 2014


Hello, this is an early weekend post but here's the skinny:

Baxter's Pocket Venture is done.  As in, everything is ready to go.  Thing is, creating a workable APK seems to be my last (or second to last hurdle sans Google Play.)

I'm working with two different compilers, first is Cocoonjs.  Believe it or not Cocoonjs seems to of given a far better compile as of late.  My only gripe I had was that the hidden walls don't turn invisible, but a bright transparent texture.  The second is the file size.  I trimmed the game down to a 7.6 MB in Construct 2, but the finished signed APK is double that.  And for some reason when installed on my phone it's triple that...

Second compiler is with Intel's XDK, in which I couldn't use before because I was running Windows Vista.  Now I have Windows 8 and was able to try it out.  It emulates fine and its very quick to work with, but the exported version was choppier and had no sound.  I've skimmed through some forums to find a fix but to no avail.

Can't even get my phone to be recognized by either PCs.  To face facts, my phone is pretty severely outdated now (It's nearly a 3 year old phone!).  It's a 2.3.5 model compared to the new 4s that are out there.  I suppose this is one of the biggest complaints why Android didn't have a lot of games at first, as the OS changes far more than Apples.

However it's looking like I'll be relying on Cocoonjs to finish this project.  I'm still running some tests right now to narrow the problems, but I just don't like the file size.  Even Angry Birds was only 2-4 MBs.  The sound files bumped up the file size along with some background assets that were around 300px wide.  I wonder if I would have the same issues on Apple?

Anyway, that's the news.  I'll keep you posted!

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