Wednesday, March 5, 2014

So... that happened.

Hi, just giving a heads up for my absense as of late.

My PC's motherboard has finally quit, or perhaps that is what I was led to believe.  My first guess was the power supply unit, the new one I bought just over a year ago, died... which would make it my second PSU that quit in a span of 2 years, did everything from stripping it to it's main components or "breadboarding" if you will, even used an old weaker power supply, changed some items from my motherboard (battery), did every thing I could find using my Xbox 360's crummy internet browser.

Well, I had to suck it up and buy a new machine.  Eager to get back into the fold after a few days of nothing, I decided to reinstall my PSU and good videocard and lo and behold:

It didn't turn on....

Put back the weak PSU this new machine came with and it works like new.... so I'm sitting here looking at my old PC case nearly stripped and kind of pissed.  My old dummy PSU must of also been a dud because I always used it when issues came up.

So here I am, typing this and looking at THREE dead PSUs... maybe I need a new power strip, or there are surges that are messing up my PSUs, this last one I had as a Corsair brand 600 CX which is labeled as the holy brand and THAT failed, nothing seems to last for just a bit over a year and it craps out.

So I'm stuck with a windows 8 machine, but at least it has an intergrated videocard on it, stronger RAM and its a more powerful quad core processor than the last one.  I just need at least a 450w+ PSU and I can use my good videocard again.

I need to also get my other hard drive out of there, my old PC's casing is dumb, the have the HDD where you have to find a way to pry all those metal innards to get to the screws, or I can find a zig-zagged phillips screwdriver and get it out.  I have my backup HDD with all the monthly PC backups but I can't seem to extract them properly.

So hopefully by this weekend I'll be back up and running and reinstalling some key software like Photoshop and Construct 2, at least I have a functional PC for the time being.

Stay tuned, sorry for the delays.

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