Sunday, March 16, 2014



     Good news, I've managed to pry my old hard drive from my PC into this new machine today, turns out the front casing had to be removed in order to access the remaining drives, the case was a fight in itself.  So I was able to recover all my important files, mainly documents, music, and Construct 2 projects.

Everything on Baxter's Pocket Venture is as it was before the calamity, had to do a test on the browser and now it seems the game lags a bit on Firefox, no sound on Internet Explorer (big shocker) but runs like butter (buddah!) on Google Chrome.

This weekend was almost a wash, had to finish my taxes on Saturday and had a long update getting Windows 8.1 installed today, but did manage to work on Construct 2 and Baxter's Pocket Venture.

Some adjustments from my last testing:
-Modified the jumps, you're much lighter in air now.
-adjusted difficulty
-removed achievements
-added more sounds
-added bonus level
-adjusted hit detection boxes
-you start with 2 lives(hits) before you get Game Over

I did say this was going to be my final testing, my goal this week is to finalize this game and figure out how to add ads to the game without hindering gameplay.  The game will be free with ads, and 99 cents for ad free.

That's not all, now that I've further completed this engine I'm already planning on making three more games in the Baxter's Pocket series.  Not to spoil much, but a few tweaks with the playerbox allows me to make some neat ideas for future titles.

Another hurdle I will need to pass is advertising.  I didn't realize how difficult it was when I finished Baxter's Venture to get the word out, I understand that I'm a fish out of water and people take some serious prodding to try something different but it looks like I'll have to rely on word of mouth.  My initial plan is to send a free copy of the app to the likes of app reviewers and Kotaku, not sure how that would work though.


I'm seriously considering buying a 3DS now... Bravely Default and a new Zelda that's a blast from the 90s, they're getting all the good games aren't they?  


Ramble off!

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