Sunday, April 13, 2014

Baxter's Venture Director's Cut


Already started working on remastering Baxter's Venture, into a Directors Cut edition.  As of right now I've finished Act 2.  What I'm doing first is zooming out the layout so the player has more reaction time.

Next many levels will be adjusted, so level completion will be different.  See screenshot above, this is the first level of Act 1.  It's not too different, but it serves as a better tutorial level.

Second, I'll be tweaking some gameplay.  The original had some odd glitches that affected gameplay.  There were issues where the water in some levels would stay solidified and you couldn't progress, and the double jump can mess you up when gliding for tricky situations.

I also want to do something to make the game stand out a bit more graphically... the hub sections will get an overhaul.  Some levels will have new graphics in the background, as some of the colors may be too distracting.  

I'm also looking at adding a few new levels and a secret hidden one.  Also, this is a WIP but I did consider amping up the difficulty, Super Meat Boy rules where if you die the whole level resets.  Though I liked the more forgiving gameplay and some levels are kinda long... so maybe I can find a way to get a hardmode in there somewhere.  I'm estimating a good month to work on this before I can post on Greenlight.

One thing I did notice when I recovered is that some sounds are messed up.  Some are louder than others, and some... don't play so I'm a little worried.

Anyway, that's all I have for today!

Stay tuned!

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