Saturday, April 19, 2014

Comparison screenshots


Finished adjusting the layout size of every map, and began with texture adjustments.  I have three comparison screenshots to show you the difference between the original and the Director's Cut:

 First screen, the original looked pretty basic, though some may find it hard to tell that you're underwater.  The new screen I've added the water effect on the foreground, also redid the texture for the platforming bits, and some background rocks for some depth.

 Second screen, once again, pretty basic.  Also I was trying for a stylish rock color but it looks like grape sherbert more than rocks, heh.  The next screen is where the improvements are.  Rocks look more "rocky", with some background rocks to add depth, and if you take a closer look the level contains rain (and some clouds).  Some other levels will have some weather effects for a little immersion.

This one needed some more background images, some old 3D models I made are new city backgrounds, and the construction site has wood panels and tarps that flow in the breeze... I may have to add a slight wind animation to go with this, and possibly some birds that fly away when you get close.

You may be wondering why I didn't do all this in the first place?  I focused on releasing the game in the same year I worked on it, at first glance it looked completed but over time I started wishing I did more to it.  Personally I don't think the game budged on Desura at all so I'm hoping Greenlight will yield more positive results.

I'll also be remaking all overworld maps, which will be very soon.  Also, I might of mentioned game mechanics will change.  I have an idea on adding a couple new baddies and adjusting others.

I'm hoping as soon as tomorrow I'll have more to show!

Stay tuned.

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