Sunday, April 27, 2014

Super Screenshot Sunday #2

Good evening!  It's been a very busy week for me... not for the game unfortunately.  My day job took much of my time last week with two double shifts and a late shift three days in a row, my company is changing vendors and upgrading tech for scanning medical supplies and I had to stick around to help them... didn't realize it would involve very late hours, but it is what it is.  

While the overtime will be very nice (on top of a nice raise), it left me dead tired.  Didn't help that Saturday I came down with a nasty stomach bug that kept me down for the day.  It wasn't until Sunday that I was able to do ANYTHING to Baxter's Venture: Director's Cut, but here is what I have for now:

 Here, the tiles for Reginald's Manor were changed for a fortressey stone feel, they looked like generic tiles in the original, I've also added wall paneling for added depth, and just improved the look of the levels in general.  It's a bit of a spoiler showing this, since is a level for the final act, but I have plenty of surprises for this game upon release.

Funky Factory wasn't quite funky enough, so now some levels sport colored flashing lights on top of the discoballs!  Act 4 seemes to be my most heavily decorated act and not much improvements were needed... oh, the Sparkers had a slight sprite change, new animation, and spin across the wires. 

The new HUB world.  I'm trying to go for an interactive treasure map for the main overworld.  All my other ideas seemed very close to Super Mario overworlds, and rather to tread on eggshells I think this will be original enough.  The map is free-roam, however the shaded part on the right doesn't allow you to pass further until you complete Act 1.  And each act completed will reveal more of the map.  I haven't tested it out to make sure it stays gone, but I will this week.

On the same note for game improvements there will be a new character introduction very soon, I had to do something to make the idea of purchasing power ups make sense, and I think you'll like it.  All the levels are redone as I type this, only change I'll be doing is the final boss, but that won't be for a while.  This week my goal is to redo all the sub overworlds first, barring that, redoing the "Special Act" HUB world into something different.


So sometime last week the landfill in New Mexico was unearthed and buried copies of E.T. for the Atari 2600 were found.  This is one of gamings many urban legends, and while it might be meh for many, it's was a rather special event nonetheless.  What's ironic is that when I was little, my parents got us a used Atari 2600 with TWO copies of E.T.  For a while I think the prices on Ebay were rediculous, and since I was an 80s kid, no such thing as the internet existed (for me) until the turn of the century, even still at its infancy I would of never guessed how valuable such a crappy game would be.  Not so much now, but I must admit my life would of been different if I held onto it... and other game + consoles when I was a kid instead of trading up all the time. 

It's a shame now that thanks to the digital age, the collector's age is dying out.  A lesson to the youngins, cherish your physical copies now... perhaps Playstation 2 might be the new NES someday.... maybe.

Stay tuned!   

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