Sunday, April 20, 2014

Super Screenshot Sunday!!

Originally I was going to save these for next Saturday, but I forgot I did promise some more screenshots last night for tonight.  So without further wait:

 First up, these are the infamous "deathwalls" from the original, but the original they just looked like barely jagged crystals.  Now, I've added spikes so you... get the point!  Get it?  Nyeh? Nyeh?  Oh, and the cavern levels look more like actual caverns, even redid the texture for the boardwalks and added some chains to make it look like they're not just suspended in mid-air.

I took the background image from my first debug room and made a texture that acts like a curtain, while the image cant show it, they flap in the breeze.  My first attempt on creating a sort of wind effect... it's slight, but noticeable.  I was trying to emulate tent flaps to go with the carnival theme for Act 1.

 Another Act 1 retexture, the magenta tiles have a lot more diversity, and the balloons you bounce on have a jiggle animation as well.  Messed with the background some so it doesn't appear too distracting like in the original.  Also moved some switches around that could cause conflict with new players.

Act 2 level redone, this is my favorite stage.  Not much has changed but tweaked the background objects.  This stage may go under further rearranging as I feel this level is actually too short.

Funky Factory's "boiler room" level.  Made some interesting lighting effects to give you an idea how hot it is, fire spouts have new texture on them and decreased the spread so you have a little more room for error.  Unfortunately I can't animate the conveyor belts as they are tile objects which cannot be animated.

One more Act 3 level, a stronger wind effect is in place here as there are leaves randomly falling down at an angle!  There are also tree segments that rustle leaves as you walk through them... of course it's better if I made a video to demonstrate... which I will in the near future.


Hope you enjoy these!  I will work on the rest of act 3 and move on to 4 and 5 this week.  These actually don't take as long since it's mostly retexturing objects.  Though I am also tweaking the levels a bit so placement and puzzles won't be the same in this release.  

Once the levels are done I'll work on making brand new overworlds for the Hub rooms.  The originals look very generic compared to how improved these screens are, I want to try something with them also.

Stay tuned!

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