Sunday, May 25, 2014

New intro cutscene

Hey gang, I've uploaded a video on Youtube:

Well it took me a little longer to finish, but I like how it ties into the title screen.  My next project is to tackle the game's ending, and some finishing touches.  While I have considered adding additional levels, I've decided to back out of it and save them for a future title.  The current version has 74 levels, and considering the replay value for gathering the tokens for powerups and collecting the Baxter coins for completionists, that's quite the task.  However don't fret for I do have a surprise for those dedicated enough to find all of this game's secrets.

Truth be told, I want to move from construct 2 to another game engine.  I know, I know, broken record and all.  Perhaps it's burn out between doing the original BV, to BPV, and now BV:DC.  

I haven't even had the time to properly advertise Baxter's Pocket Venture on Android very well so my project after this game is on greenlight is to advertise the heck out of these two games.

As for the original on Desura, once the director's cut has been greenlit I'll be dropping the price once more, probably 1.99 or less, but to be honest the game just isn't selling there, but it'll serve for a nice little niche title for those curious to try the original before all the enhancements.

Which brings me to my other concern, and that's the price point.  I look at other titles and how much they sold for.  Super Meat Boy, Braid, and AVGN Adventures sold for 15 dollars... while those games are very polished with a hype train behind them there's no way I could sell this game for that much because it's a new IP and people may be turned off by its cartoony look.  I remember those Burger King games on the 360 selling for four dollars and they were done in 3D.  This will be a full on release, no gimmicks, no early access, no DLC, just a simple full package.

So... I'm looking at 7.99 USD for download.  I'm going to poke around on Steam to get a better grasp on what might be best.  As a matter of fact, I should start a greenlight for this game.  I've waiting until I released a video and I have plenty of screenshots to back it up.

Wish me luck!


Oh!  In gaming news in anticipation for E3 2014, I'm getting hyped for Destiny.  It looks pretty interesting, but I'm gonna wait until after E3 before I start worrying about consoles.

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Super Screenshot Sunday #5

Hey gang, 

I only have a couple new screenies for you, Photoshop was crashing on me left and right for some reason, so I wasn't able to finish the intro tonight.

It took some storyboarding, this way the intro has a little flow.  I've unpackaged my old digital tablet, and I'm kinda liking the flow of it, it's been a while.  Normally I just draw and scan the line art and color, but it actually takes longer than this method.


Time for some more E3 hype!

This week has been insane for game announcements.  Farcry 4, if Farcry 3 was a rather... interesting ride semi-satire of playing a spoiled rich white guy and his cast of F.R.I.E.N.D.S. in a tropical hellhole was too much fun, sign me up!  Shame Vaas wasn't the main attraction for the game, it kinda got all Scarface towards the end.

Halo 5 and Halo collection, not really big into Halo.  Back in my anti FPS days, I was on the hate bandwagon due to it starting trends of a-hole racist Xbox Live jerks and every game painted grey-green-brown with gravel voiced main lead that could of ruined gaming... the last half of the last decade was a dark time for gaming as far as that's concerned, but I wouldn't mind a crack at the campaign mode.  Like it or not, Halo has become a rather iconic game franchise, even if people hate on Master Chief, I'm willing to give it a second chance.

Now the interesting news....

Remember last week I was talking about how cool it would be if the Xbox One would lower it's price due to my infatuation with Sunset Overdrive?  Well.... Xbox one will release next month at 399.  That's a hundred dollars less WITHOUT Kinect.  What was wishful thinking is now a reality, and all this before E3.  I'm already saving up for one of the consoles, it's looking like I'll end up with the One first.  PS4 has some interesting old school indies like Chasm and a Metroidish release, and I think Child of Light is PS4 exclusive but I need to check into that.  So E3 is going to sway me on which to go first, and the other console I'll get for exclusives.  

Just three more weeks!

Stay tuned.

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Super Screenshot Sunday #4

Oh, and Happy Mother's Day to anyone that is or knows someone who is.

     Now with the formalities out of the way, I have three new screenshots from "Baxter's Venture: Director's Cut to show you!

     Another level, in the old version, all I did was enlarge one of my RC Hornets, which looked rather pixelated and distracting, in it's place is a wall of spikes that moves towards you, and the yellow substance holding the spikes is the glue from act 4.

On another note, now the "challenge levels" instead of sending you back to the respected HUB world for these, you simply restart the level over, including both sets of coins you collect.  It's still challenging, but not as frustrating.

      While a bit spoilery, I've redrew Rumpshire Manor, the first felt a bit rushed and unoriginal (well it's a parody of Wily + Eggman's fortress, but still) while this one has much more work put into it.  Maybe some of you might get the little inside joke about why his last name is "Rumpshire".

     New title screen!!  This must be my fifth time I've changed it.  Looking at the last incarnation it seems bland in comparison.  I took the cutscene from Act 1 and used it here, since the intro CS prior to starting the game will explain how Baxter get's captured, and the title will show his escape and start of his journey to reclaim his "lucky sack" from Reginald's Manor.... which by the way will be told through the new intro cutscene coming soon.  The story in the original is Baxter looking for his friends, which I'll admit was kind of tacked on at the last minute.  I want the story to relate to Baxter's Pocket Venture, where he already has his lucky sack with him.

     I've decided to remove all act intro cutscenes, I'll keep the ones for when you beat the boss, but I deem with the new changes intros aren't necessary anymore.

     Another feature added is the use of keyboards for the interface, rather than just a mouse you can also use specific keys to enter levels or back out of HUB worlds.  I'll implement a way for each level so that way depending on play style you can use either/or.  


Now for some off topic stuff.

     It seems 2014 is moving way too fast, E3 is a mere few weeks away and I'm psyched.  Let me tell you about myself,  I can be VERY indecisive.  Since I'm in a position with very little money to burn right now, getting at least two next gen consoles will run me just under a thousand or a little below.  As a consumer I always want my first console to be the most used.  My second console is one that I will seldom use, and the third I can almost do without.  Last gen, I had my fair share with the Wii before I sold it, and while I thought I'd be gaming on the PS3 (early adopter for that 600 dollar system back then) I've ended up on the 360 the vast majority, why?


     Not a fan of buying a console and just having it sit there, sure it's one thing if I was a collector but I'm not.  I've considered selling my old consoles towards a new one, but that would be a bad idea for me in the long run.  I was pretty dead set on getting a PS4, but last week put me back in that place where I feel like I have to choose between two things I want to have, but can pick only one for the time being.  Insomniac of all people is making this game SOLELY for Xbox One:

     This was a surprise to just about everyone, this hopefully soon-to-be gem is Sunset Overdrive, by the makers of Ratchet and Clank. It's a mixure of Infamous, Jet Set Radio, Dead Rising, Ratchet and Clank, and Saints flipping Row.... with a huge open world with character/weapon customization!

     Last gen, I was spoiled hard by the likes of Fallout, Saints, and Skyrim, because I've never played an open world game with character customization since Final Fantasy 11.  So far the new gen titles seem to lack it, but to be blunt:  I need this game in my life.

     I was bummed that it's Xbox One only, but over the days I theorized what MS is trying to do, and that's reaching out to the jaded older gamers who long for the days of the 90s where games were more about fun and colorful worlds.  On top of this, E3 2014 rumors leaked that Rare... yes, that Rare plans on rebooting Battletoads and a third person Perfect Dark.  Killer Instinct is doing quite well, and it looks amazing.  Another rumor is the supposed reveal of Fallout 4 and timed DLC, as last gen every Bethesda games favored Microsoft platforms, even DLC.  

     Things might be different however, PS4 seems to be the dominant platform now.  It's games run a steady 1080p/60 fps while Xbox One struggles with 720p-900p.  Even the Wii U can do 1080p/60fps which is a headscratcher.  The Xbox One costs more because of the Kinect, a prepiheral that not alot of people really wanted mind you, and due to the machine being more of a multimedia hub than a game console kinda hurt it a bit.  Yet, they're catching up to Sony since they released it in a limited number of countries compared to the PS4.

 EDIT:  I'm watching side by side comparisons, thankfully I don't own a TV bigger than a 27".  While I have noticed a slight difference in 720p - 1080p, its the fps that is very noticeable.  60 fps is far smoother to the naked eye, and for some once you go there it's hard to go back.  My biggest concern if I go Xbox One is that I'll never get to experience third party titles this way.  Just like last time, I supported PS3, but for the first half of it's life cycle they were getting inferior ports of third party titles.  Their first party was good though.  Seems I have a knack for choosing a console that gets taken through the ringer, just like the time I supported Nintendo up until the end of the N64 era when releases were trickling out and they shoved all their franchises aside, even Mario so Pokemon can take center stage.  It was like that for a long time and it convinced me to jump to Playstation.  Then again to the Xbox 360.  I still ended up with both consoles though a couple years apart, but most of my gaming was on the 360 for better ports, while the Ps3 for the exclusives.  It's okay when you're a 20 something with free time, but I'm older and far more financially conscious than ever (if that's a thing) but it feels fanboyish, and I really hate that feeling.

     So what I'm thinking as a long term goal, pick a system with the better games regardless of reso/fps.  Then when I can, grab the other console a year or so down the road.   For now I'm back to contemplation mode and I've decided that after E3 I'll make my choice, because Arkham Knight comes out later this year.  Plus, I'd rather play the new games like Watch Dogs and Assassin's Creed Black Flag on the new hardware anyway.  500 dollars is a huge stretch if I go with the Xbone, but it is what it is, I'll probably get a PS4 later on if that was the case.  I'm not middle class after all, ha ha.


Speaking of Xbone.  I found out that Windows 8 games can be ported to the Xbox One rather easily.... and Construct 2 has a native Windows 8 exporter.  Hmmm.... could it be a coincidence?

Anyway, stay tuned!

Sunday, May 4, 2014

Super Screenshot Sunday #3

Happy pre Cinco De Mayo, I have a couple new screenies from Baxter's Venture: DC!

 New Challenger Approa... oops, I mean, here is the new character I promised last week.  Her name is Lusa, and before you say it... yes, she's modeled after Harry Potter character with a taste of Lucca from Chrono Trigger.  She takes all the tokens you collect in exchange for powerups. Of course I might have to figure a way to do something with the tokens once you collected the powerups, because they'll just accumulate indefinitely.

 A far more interactive map of the Act level hub.  You simply walk to a level and press ENTER.  You can also click the level, since I figured to cater this game for the different PC users.

So today it seems I'll be able to finish tweaking the Hub level worlds, then next on my chore list is intro CS.  It actually took me a few days to decide how I wanted to hub worlds to look, I was against having a more immerse level select, but in the end this actually works.


Off topic ramble, 

New Call of Duty.  Now, I'm not really a CoD type of person...  they've become the new yearly Madden release, which replaced the yearly Tony Hawk before that.  However, even as a game franchise I want to see them succeed.  In my opinion as a member of this industry, any game deserves a chance to be played, despite fanboy opinion.  Of course I was no different last year and could care less, even mocked it.  However I have noticed they're moving the franchise in a new direction with BLOPS2 and Ghost, but this:

Add some inspiration from Titanfall, some cool sci-fi elements, and evil-ish Kevin Spacey and color me interested.  Yeah, it's a bit hammy but you know what?  This is where videogames specialize in.  Many games focused too much on realism that be became stagnant.  Now the fans are complaining AGAIN that the games lack realism.

Look gamers, let me level with you.... if you want realism, GO OUTSIDE.  We got sick of every FPS going back to WW2, we're also sick of FPS milking the "war on terror" in the middle east.  Too much realism destroys creativity and all you get is the same old same old, let the franchise explore new avenues and give it a chance.

Rant off, see you next week!