Sunday, May 25, 2014

New intro cutscene

Hey gang, I've uploaded a video on Youtube:

Well it took me a little longer to finish, but I like how it ties into the title screen.  My next project is to tackle the game's ending, and some finishing touches.  While I have considered adding additional levels, I've decided to back out of it and save them for a future title.  The current version has 74 levels, and considering the replay value for gathering the tokens for powerups and collecting the Baxter coins for completionists, that's quite the task.  However don't fret for I do have a surprise for those dedicated enough to find all of this game's secrets.

Truth be told, I want to move from construct 2 to another game engine.  I know, I know, broken record and all.  Perhaps it's burn out between doing the original BV, to BPV, and now BV:DC.  

I haven't even had the time to properly advertise Baxter's Pocket Venture on Android very well so my project after this game is on greenlight is to advertise the heck out of these two games.

As for the original on Desura, once the director's cut has been greenlit I'll be dropping the price once more, probably 1.99 or less, but to be honest the game just isn't selling there, but it'll serve for a nice little niche title for those curious to try the original before all the enhancements.

Which brings me to my other concern, and that's the price point.  I look at other titles and how much they sold for.  Super Meat Boy, Braid, and AVGN Adventures sold for 15 dollars... while those games are very polished with a hype train behind them there's no way I could sell this game for that much because it's a new IP and people may be turned off by its cartoony look.  I remember those Burger King games on the 360 selling for four dollars and they were done in 3D.  This will be a full on release, no gimmicks, no early access, no DLC, just a simple full package.

So... I'm looking at 7.99 USD for download.  I'm going to poke around on Steam to get a better grasp on what might be best.  As a matter of fact, I should start a greenlight for this game.  I've waiting until I released a video and I have plenty of screenshots to back it up.

Wish me luck!


Oh!  In gaming news in anticipation for E3 2014, I'm getting hyped for Destiny.  It looks pretty interesting, but I'm gonna wait until after E3 before I start worrying about consoles.

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