Sunday, May 4, 2014

Super Screenshot Sunday #3

Happy pre Cinco De Mayo, I have a couple new screenies from Baxter's Venture: DC!

 New Challenger Approa... oops, I mean, here is the new character I promised last week.  Her name is Lusa, and before you say it... yes, she's modeled after Harry Potter character with a taste of Lucca from Chrono Trigger.  She takes all the tokens you collect in exchange for powerups. Of course I might have to figure a way to do something with the tokens once you collected the powerups, because they'll just accumulate indefinitely.

 A far more interactive map of the Act level hub.  You simply walk to a level and press ENTER.  You can also click the level, since I figured to cater this game for the different PC users.

So today it seems I'll be able to finish tweaking the Hub level worlds, then next on my chore list is intro CS.  It actually took me a few days to decide how I wanted to hub worlds to look, I was against having a more immerse level select, but in the end this actually works.


Off topic ramble, 

New Call of Duty.  Now, I'm not really a CoD type of person...  they've become the new yearly Madden release, which replaced the yearly Tony Hawk before that.  However, even as a game franchise I want to see them succeed.  In my opinion as a member of this industry, any game deserves a chance to be played, despite fanboy opinion.  Of course I was no different last year and could care less, even mocked it.  However I have noticed they're moving the franchise in a new direction with BLOPS2 and Ghost, but this:

Add some inspiration from Titanfall, some cool sci-fi elements, and evil-ish Kevin Spacey and color me interested.  Yeah, it's a bit hammy but you know what?  This is where videogames specialize in.  Many games focused too much on realism that be became stagnant.  Now the fans are complaining AGAIN that the games lack realism.

Look gamers, let me level with you.... if you want realism, GO OUTSIDE.  We got sick of every FPS going back to WW2, we're also sick of FPS milking the "war on terror" in the middle east.  Too much realism destroys creativity and all you get is the same old same old, let the franchise explore new avenues and give it a chance.

Rant off, see you next week!

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