Sunday, June 22, 2014

Baxter's Venture: Director's Cut now on Greenlight!

Wait is over, after many many...(months?) I've been promising a release, the time has come:

Now for the hard part, I would like to ask a favor of anyone visiting this blog to show your support for this game and work towards getting it greenlit.  I'm hoping the new and improved version would get noticed, as it's leaps and bounds better than the original version on Desura.

I won't have pricing available to me until a later time, for right now I'm guessing this game has to tally up enough votes/support.  With your help, this game has a chance at success!

There is also an updated video on the link, it's in better quality than the one I've released a week ago.  Also, there's no telling how long this will take, so I'm using this time to do more playthrough testing (since it's just me doing it, haha) to make sure there's no last minute game breakers.

One example is I'm considering redoing the save function, rather than an autosave, you would be responsible for saving the game in hub worlds.  Though since this is 2014, it seems almost expected.  Plus the game has only one save file, not sure how that will go down with the masses.  I will be checking out Construct 2 tutorials if there is a way I can sneak in that feature without too much trouble.

Well, this weekend is almost over, time to relax.

-Have a happy Sunday!

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