Monday, June 9, 2014

E3 2014 Day One!

Oh man, what a day it was!

Starting off with Microsoft's press conference, naturally they show off new Call of Duty Advanced Warfare gameplay, since CoD is synonymous with Xbox it was a given, before I get into that.

Metal Gear Solid V : Phantom Pain was leaked/shown very early this morning with a new trailer, and it shows a far more violent side of Big Boss, as his decent into the tragic hero may come to a climax in this game from Kojima Productions.  While it may be hard to tell if any of it is gameplay footage, Metal Gear has always won in abstract sociopolitical storytelling.  Also to note this game will be open world, so those who are on the wait for the next Fallout (like me) this game would be a great tide me over until Bethesda is ready.

EDIT:  Looks like the trailer was a leak and removed from Youtube by Konami, but I think you can watch it here on Giant Bomb:  MGS5: Phantom Pain June 9

Back to Microsoft, their presser delivered.  Don't take to heart all the PR swinging from game journalists about bombs dropping with third party exclusives, the past couple of weeks were a sea of bad journalism and bait clickery.  Microsoft brought the games, and games, and more games!

Sunset Overdrive
Dead Rising super long Capcom parody title EX + alpha
Crackdown 3

Three things caught my attention:  Sunset Overdrive, DLC for Dead Rising 3, and Crackdown 3. (must be the year of 3s.)  While Dead Rising is no longer exclusive Capcom really show a sense of humor with their naming schemes and you can don outfits of Capcom classics like Chun-li and Mike Hagger with a boss fight against a zombie M Bison!  How nuts is this?  Sunset Overdrive shown off some more gameplay, I wish they would of show a bit of the character creator and maybe some more weapons and areas, we get it that the game is wacky, but there has to be more right?  Crackdown 3 reminded me of Saints Row 4... which was a spoof of Crackdown, and I think I might want this game.  I've played the first two demos but it never really clicked with me, but perhaps that was a time where I was far too glued to Final Fantasy 11 to really care.

There were a couple oddballs there too, one in particular: a Monster Hunteresque "Scalebound" where you transform into a scaly armor hero riding dinosaurs... huh.  And Project Spark, which is a shinier, Pixar like fully 3D Little Big Planet... with Conker, yes that nutty squirrel from Rare's game ten years ago.  Oh, and something called Phantom Dust that people are losing their minds over, heh.

Lara Croft is getting another game, "Rise of Tomb Raider".  The first in the reboot was pretty well received, I have yet to play it (going to go remastered) so I might look forward to this, and Mirrors Edge 2... SEE, GAMES, GAMES AS FAR AS THE EYE CAN SEE!

Ubisoft had an impressive show, with Assassins Creed Unity and intro to Far Cry 4, over the top bad guy with a bad haircut, it's not Vaas but he could give him a run for his money if done right.

Now on to Sony, right now they are ruling the console war dominating in Europe and parts of Japan and the USA and many other regions.

Starting off with Destiny and new CG/Gameplay Footage, as you may not know I'm stoked for this game mainly due to playing online and offline at the same time... now sure how that works, but they did emphasize about robust solo player.  I'm hyped for this game, mainly because of the social MMO itch but without too much of the hecticness for my slow ass, haha.

What baffled me is that Far Cry 4 and Destiny are both multi plat, but they showed gameplay on Sony's conference.  Farcry looks really gorgeous and very crisp detailed open world, I dare say it might make Far Cry 3 dwarf in comparision.   I'll admit it probably looks better on PS4 and they have exclusive content like early access beta.... speaking of.

DEAD ISLAND 2!!!  Wow, I'm amazed there were like NO leaks for this.  I liked both of the other games despite it's flaws.  I know zombies have gone stale, especially when Dying Light comes out but Dead Island was a fun experience everyone should at least try.  Trailer was funny to watch too.

Check out No Man's Sky too, I liked how seamless the transition of flying in and out of planets look, it feels like you're literally flying a spaceship, and the dogfighting reminds me of Starfox.  I think this will be a cult classic when it hits world wide.

And the big reveal, (Sorry not that Uncharted 4 snippet, or GTAV remastered, but Arkham Knight gameplay!  Holy shit Gotham is big and Scarecrow trolls the hell out of you.  Oh and here's some Phantom Pain footage if you missed the link above.

Wow... I gotta say, wow... day one was just too much to soak in.  And we still have Nintendo and third party devs to show that they have in store.  I'm so glad they're sticking with games on this one, and maybe a new console or gadget reveal.  Color me impressed, after tomorrow I'll have my hands full on what new game console to purchase first.  Both systems have equally good games and experiences I wish I could afford both right off the bat.

Well, that being said, I'm exhausted so I'll see you tomorrow!

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