Tuesday, June 10, 2014

E3 2014 Day 2, Aka Nintendo and anyone else.

Well, I hope I didn't mess this up because this took place when I was at work and only managed to see a couple bombs drop.  It started out with a friendly rivalry between Reggie and Iwata (They need their own sitcom with Nintendo Mascots as guest stars!) playing Miis on Super Smash Bros 4, only for Iwata to pull the Mario figuring and literally blast Reggie into orbit, haha good times.  There were a couple skits by what looked like Robot Chicken too.

***Disclaimer: trailers belong to their respected content creators.***

So to start out, here's the Mii Smash characters.  All customizable, which looks pretty swank.  I have a feeling I'll be playing these more than the regular... Oh God, Gman fanfics from my past coming baaaaaaaaaaack, oh wait...  that's a story for another day.  They also ended it with a reveal of Paletenia from Kid Icarus, it's great seeing more females in the roster, helps even things out.  Masahiro Sakurai tells all about how Miis will function.


Another future hit is the new Mario Maker... notice something familiar about the interface and text?  It feels VERY reminiscent of Mario Paint for the Super NES.  From the looks of it, you can make custom levels in the old SMB sprites, or change it to NSMB models... either way, I'll bet this will help sell some units.  People eat this stuff up, especially since we're in the Minecraft age.  

Man, we could of used this game back in the day.  Perhaps if they do DLC with this they could include sprites and models from other Mario games and franchises!  Or better still, allow us to make our own sprites and models.... oh, getting ahead of myself here, ahah.

Now for the big reveal, which everyone saw coming... ZELDA Wii-U!!

Say what you want, I like the cel shaded look.  The video was smooth and fantastic.   It promises open world gameplay, similar to the original NES Zelda where you can go to any dungeon you want in any order.  Link even looks like his Toon Link self but grown up.  The special effects were nice and coloful, and you can attack on horseback it looks like.   Hm, let me tell you a story, I was a fanboy when Wind Waker was announced.  However, before Wind Waker there was a tech demo of Zelda that featured a realistic Link from OoT facing off against Ganondorf.  We expected the first Gamecube Zelda to look like this... then they announced Wind Waker.  For the first time people were divided on the art style, being the first of its kind.  Me, along with other angry gamers dismissed the game and dubbing it "Celda" mocking it for its cutest cartoony look, and this was the insecure young 20 year old me who wanted MOAR GORE n DARK n GRGRULR... yeah, I was a jerk back in those days.  When I get my Wii U I want to give Wind Waker the chance it deserved like any game, and I owe it to myself to close another chapter my own ignorance convinced me to look over.

Some odds and ends, Dragonball Xenoverse!!  May be a return to form to Raging Blast/Budokai gameplay?  Really tired of targeting/quicktime events... and hope character customization returns.

Bayonetta 2 looks fantastic, and fun!  Nintendo content like a Link and Samus outfit, I think this would make a great Nintendo franchise, since the original was sorely overlooked on the other consoles.

Xenoblade Chronicles X, with this and Fire Emblem, Wii U might be a go to system for JRPGs.  Hyrule Warriors will tide Zelda fans over until the main event arrives sometime next year.  

As for Square Enix, well all they had at the forefront was FFXIV.  At least they make it interesting, and it looks like Ramuh and Shiva primal battles are coming very soon.

And as always, the music is very good.  I really tried to get into this game, but bias from XI and the fast paced flashy nature of this game makes it hard for me to enjoy, because I'm too slow lol.  People on MMOs are quick to lose their shit if you under-preform in the slightest, DDs have to do at least a high DPS, tanks can NEVER lose hate, and healers HAVE TO keep you alive even if other players make it harder for others to do their job they're always the first ones to shoot off their mouths, haha.  I've also heard they're allowing same sex marriages, which we all know certain groups will make it to an even bigger deal than it needs to be.

There will be a brutal version of Bahamut's Coil, so the hardcores are going to enjoy it.  And in 2.4.?  NINJA JOB CLASS!!, and according to the folks from BlueGartr its going to be a DPS. Hope they give it some comparable AoEs or no one is going to take them to endgame, lol.  No seriously, one of my biggest regrets in XI was never playing Ninja because the it just wasn't a favored class post Treasures of Aht Urghan and it fell to obscurity.  It looks flashy and insane to play!

Oh Square, you draw the inner subdued Final Fantasy fan in me, or is it out of me?  Meh, as soon as I get my PS4 looks like I may resub just to get ready...  my slow ass never made it to 50.  Job ADD and all, plus If I go back I'm just going to suck it up as a tank, I wanted to go WAR but PLD seems to be my cup of tea, though I'll probably regret it, with my tight schedule.  I'm glad to see them doing well despite the hell they received during the FF13 trilogy, now I'm eagerly awaiting FFXII remaster!

Oh, that's right.  Looks like the juicy bits of E3 are over and I was saying that E3 would determine what console I'd get first.  And I choose the PS4.  Microsoft had a very strong show of games, trust me this decision was a tough one.  I'll have to miss out on Sunset Overdrive and Dead Rising DLC for a short time.  What won me to PS4 besides having ARR and Infamous, were Infamous First Light, No Man's Sky, Destiny exclusive stuff, Arkham Knight exclusive missions, some indie games I wanted to try (they weren't in the presentation) plus they're always going to have a resolution edge over Microsoft for the moment, so third parties will play better for the most part.  I want an Xbox One, but like I said before I'm a poor working class guy  who can only go one at a time.  After PS4 is a WiiU for sure.  I'm sorry, but their lineup into 2015 is nothing to scoff at, plus it'll give me a chance to play some Wii games I missed out on.

No sign of Fallout 4, oh well, better luck next year.  There's TONS of great games coming out for months to come!

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