Sunday, June 1, 2014

It's close!!

Not just E3 2014, but Baxter's Venture DC is almost finished!  Today marks me finishing the ending, credits, and final boss battle.  There are still some touch ups to go, as well as testing to make sure I didn't break anything before I make my final export and get ready for Greenlight!

Seems Steam has been greenlighting a ton of games, which is good news for me, perhaps this will be my big break after all?  There is no telling.

I don't have any screens or videos for you tonight, however as the game is near completion I have to conjure up a new trailer, so look forward to that.

In somewhat related news, if you've been following my twitter feeds I'm heavily considering starting a web blog/podcast of sorts.  Talking about anything to everything about game culture, nerd culture, nostalgia trips, or even retroplay - reviews of classic games...  now yes, that's been done to death on the internet, but that doesn't really stop people from doing them don't they?

Figured GG-Works could benefit from the expansion, haven't figured out the "how" of things.  Do I want to make an avatar, voice over?  One of the things that bothers me is that I wish I did this idea when I was in my 20's, I'll be 34 soon and the idea of donning an outfit or something might feel weird to me at this age.  Blame my conservative upbringing where this culture rips on anything out of the norm.  Oh, sure actors do it, but for some reason we look at non-celeb grown adults in a negative light for doing so...  at least that's how I've seen people react anyways.

I might just treat it as a voice over first, get comfortable with doing this before going forward with a more tangible appearance to link the voice to.  Hell, I shouldn't be worrying about something shallow as this.  Guys like the Angry Video Game Nerd, Game Overthinker, Angry Joe, Jim Sterling, and I think the Nostalgia Critic have no qualms doing this sort of thing.  Though in their case it's more like making modern clothing look unique.  If I did a persona, my husky ass would look baller in a palm tree Hawaiian shirt, shorts, and sandals! 

Where I live there's no way in hell I could get away with filming myself out in the open for certain skits, way too many hicks and hecklers who can't mind their own business, and dogs... lots and lots of dogs barking.  One of the drawbacks living out here is the liberal way owners let their dogs bark afoul and the wind interfering with audio.

Another idea once I get comfortable with doing this is trying my luck at a series of animated shorts ala "Sonic For Hire"  I'd have to get more people to voice characters, but I don't know if I want to deal with the hassle of putting an episode together... hell I have to be good at doing different voices, once I get a good mic we'll see how well that goes, heh.

Anyway... NEXT WEEK, E3!!!

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