Sunday, June 29, 2014

What a weekend.

Working on save/load... having problems.  Hmm, what to do.

EDIT:  Whew, that was a chore.  So I've finished the Save and Load feature for Baxter's Venture: DC.  Before I couldn't wrap my head around Webstorage so I opted to use Save and Load states... which in turn can actually be very ineffective if handled the wrong way.  I wonder now if the original might do that, but it never had so knock on wood.

This took me all week because I just didn't know how to make it work, even reading over and over the few tutorials out there it didn't sink in until today, with help from a good Construct 2 forum member.  Coding was never my forte, but I'm willing to do what it takes as long as my brain isn't distracted by other things it would rather do (Like Super Luigi U).  Saturday was just getting it set up, but today I've spent all day just getting the darn thing to work right... and it finally paid off!

So with that big obstacle done I've made a to do list of stuff to work on also, since I thought this game is done, my experience on Steam Greenlight tells me otherwise, which I'll explain in a bit.

My next obstacle is redoing the main game hub area, and possibly the shop.  Both compared to the main game itself does look generic.  I kept the tile like entry ways for the Act's and powerups because I loved the idea of paintings in Super Mario 64 and Portrait of Ruin and I figured I should make it more dynamic now.  The current Hub is just a small sprite of Baxter and a treasure map that unlocks as you progress, but it just doesn't feel right now.  And Lusa's shop could look more like a shop and not just outdoorsy... so that's going to change.

Plus, I can hide some tokens in the hub world for you to collect for added bonus.

After that, I have some ideas for more traps and puzzles to add, to make use of Baxter's main abilities.  Some stompable enemies for starters and new traps for puzzle purposes.


Now reason being that I'm doing all of this is because I DO NOT want this game to fail.  While my game is on Greenlight, I looked at the stats and It's... not looking good.  While there were plenty of enthusiasm in the comments, the stats tell another tale, and I look back at my game and realized that I wasn't as finished as I led myself to believe.

I realize that Baxter's Venture needs more polish than what is has, and a new gameplay video with the improvements added to convince the ones against the game to give it another chance to be Greenlit.  Believe me when I say this but platforming games are a dime a dozen now, very few games truly stand out...  and I need to try much harder if I want to see that kind of success.  I see games like Shovel Knight, Super Meat Boy do so well, but both games had an amazing amount of hype behind them that Baxter lacks, despite my best efforts.  Then again, I remember a well polished game like Mutant Mudds never became Greenlit, and Super Ubie Land is STILL on Greenlight... so I don't really know what's going on anymore.

Believe me if and when I become approved as a Nintendo developer, (begs to the heavens) you better believe I'll be going to Nintendo sites and hyping this train.  PC gaming is a bit tougher to get any attention, same with mobile now that it's oversaturated, there's different expectations and tastes compared to consoles.  Where as consoles, I believe a game like Baxter's Venture would be more welcome to the userbase.

Worse come to worse I could pander to internet celebrities, but I think there is a huge price to pay, ha ha.

I'm no 3D artist guru, this game isn't a 3DFPS, or a Slendermanish clone, or a Goat Simulatorish clone... or some overly ambitious artsy IP, it is what it is, but seeing that pie chart on Greenlight stung, so after I grabbed my bearings only one phrase came to mind before typing all of this:


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